Canteens follow the ”Traffic Light” healthy eating programme.

RED Foods – Deemed unhealthy. These types of food do not appear on our menu.

AMBER Foods – Available in limited and quantity-controlled amounts.

GREEN Foods – Encouraged eating and available at all times.

Meal orders are to be placed online via QuickCliq, with the exception of recess or ice-cream orders that can still be purchased with cash over the counter, or online, and simply be collected during the break.  Cut off for meal ordering is 8.50 am on the day.

Credit needs to be transferred to a family online QuickCliq account, to enable a meal order to be placed. Credit can be transferred immediately, via Credit Card or PayPal, or via Direct Deposit, which can take up to 48 hours to appear in the family QuickCliq account.   Please also note that Credit Card and PayPal transactions will attract transaction fees.

For every meal order placed, a QuickCliq Service Fee of $0.19 is charged to cover the cost of using the online ordering system.

*** IMPORTANT *** It is the parents/guardians responsibility to ensure that each child’s profile within QuickCliq is kept up to date for health warnings.  These health warnings can be added via the student tab in QuickCliq, which allows for the management of student details, including health warnings.  Please note that these health warnings will then be displayed in red under the name of the child when placing a meal order. These health warnings, and any updates made, must also be directly discussed with Sabrina de Silva, via telephone on 0422 919 508.

QuickCliq can be contacted for any online queries, via email, or via telephone 1300 11 66 37. 

For any other canteen related queries, email

Further information about healthy food and drinks for your child’s lunch can be viewed at the Department of Education website.