From the Principal

Dear Parents,

Welcome back to Term 4. I hope that you had a safe and happy holiday. Term 4 is going to be a good one with lots planned. We have had a surge in enrolments which has been great, but challenging. Each class will probably pick up one or two new students over the next couple of weeks.

Athletics Carnival

Last Term we held our annual Athletics Carnival. This is a big event to manage and it was an excellent day with the students having a great time. A big thankyou to all involved, especially Ms Holsgrove.

School works

Over the holidays we have had the junior playground equipment upgraded. This equipment will be available for the Yrs. 1-3 to use. We made the decision to have some challenging pieces (like the flying fox!) to develop a range of strength and body movement skills.

                                                                                                                                                                                                       We have also had a new swing installed for all of the students to use.



Glory Cup

Last week the senior boys represented the school at the annual Glory Cup. They were great representatives of the school and played very well. A big thank you to Ms Holsgrove for training and managing the team.



Boxing update!

Unfortunately, I was unable to find a suitable opponent for the recent competition. As I trained most of the holidays I was a bit disappointed. I am having a couple of weeks to recharge and then back into training for the Masters’ Games for April 2022!


Taiko Drumming

With help from the Leeming Lions the school now has a set of Taiko drums. This enables the students to show off their enjoyment of hitting things! Mrs Sutton and Sensei Heals are holding Drumming Club on Wednesdays after school in the Music room.



Clive Emby


Hello Families!

Does your child know how they would respond if faced with a moral dilemma? Thinking through difficult decisions now can help calibrate your child’s moral compass and provide guidance for real-life situations. Use these scenarios as a basis for engaging in conversation about making decisions between right and wrong.

We hope you enjoy the conversations these conundrums will generate as a family!

From LPS Ethical Understandings Committee

Discussion Point 

3.0  A friend of yours is really hurt and angry when a classmate spreads a lie about him, what could you do?








Week 3:     I am on time, organised and ready to learn.

Week 4:    I follow the instructions of staff.


Our Litter Free Lunch Fridays, as part of our School’s sustainability initiatives has taken off with a blast last Friday.  Year 2 and 3 students from Room 7 and 8 took the lead to encourage the whole school to be litter free by creating posters and displaying them all around the school. 

Every Friday, all students will endeavour to come to school with zero single-use plastic bags, foils and wrappers in their lunches and snacks.  Thank you to all our parents and carers who are helping their children and our School to becoming more sustainable.

The first class that presented the highest percentage of litter-free lunch last Friday was:

(Drumroll) – Year 4 Room 9/10.  They are the proud winners of the LPS Litter-Free Lunch Friday Class Award and will keep the dazzling trophy for the whole week.  And if you visit their classroom, you will likely to see some students taking selfies with their ‘prize’.  Fantastic Team Effort, Room 9/10!


5 Love Languages 

All parents love their children; most parents do their best for their children to excel, teach them good things, try to model them good behaviors and make them happy.? 

However inevitably arguments happen and feeling not understood, it could well be because they do not speak the same Love language in a family. It can be a bit like trying to communicate in Italian to the someone who only speak Chinese. 

Do you speak your child’s love language? 

The 5 Love languages are 

  • Physical touch
  • Words of affirmation 
  • Quality time
  • Gifts
  • And Acts of Service

The next few weeks

We will look at one Love Language on each school newsletter? 

This week ‘s Love Language is:

Physical touch  

In the Western culture hugs and kisses are most common ways to communicate parents love to their children.  

However, for a child whose primary love language is physical touch a parent might need to learn to speak it well rather than giving kisses and hugs.  

Below are some suggestions extracted from “the 5 Love languages of Children” 

  • When you greet or say goodbye to your young child, gather them into your arms and hold them. Kneel down for small children.
  • Let your child hold or cuddle a soft item, such as a blanket to soothe them.
  • Hug and kiss your child every day when they leave and return from school, as well as when you tuck them in at night for younger children.
  • Stroke your child’s hair or rub their back when they tell you about a difficult day or are upset
  • Shortly after disciplining your child, take a moment to give them a hug to show them the discipline was based on the consequences of their wrongful choices but that you still love and cherish them as your child.
  • Snuggle closely together on the couch when watching television together.
  • Give each other a high five or similar congratulations whenever you catch you child doing something positive.
  • Purchase a gift for your child that is touch-orientated, such as a soft pillow, blanket. or sweater.
  • Occasionally yell out a “group hug” for your entire family, regardless of how small or large the family size. To add more fun, include family pets such as the dog or cat.
  • Play games or sports together that require physical touch.
  • This will allow both shared time together and touch that is meaningful without appearing forced.
  • Sing action songs together with your children that require touching and action, such as capping hands, spinning, or jumping. Many of today’s children action songs make it even easier
  • Have “tickle fights” with your children, being careful not to allow it to become a stressful activity for your child.
  • With younger children, read stories together with your child on your lap.
  • When your child is sick or gets hurt, spend extra time providing comfort, like wiping her face with a cool cloth.
  • Hold hands during family prayers if this is your family value.
  • Riding piggyback, wrestling on the floor these are vital for the child’s emotional development.

Many boys from age 7 to 9 go through a state when they are resistant to affectionate touch, and yet they still tend to be responsive to more vigorous contact such as wrestling, jostling, playful hitting, bear hug high five and the like.  

Unlike boys, girls do not go through affection-resistant stage. 

When the child is small, it is relatively easy to fill their emotional tank as the child grows, emotional love tank grows and keeping it full becomes more difficult. 

Continue to fuel their tanks with love even when they may not give you signs of their needs. About year, 6 boys might pull back from touch, fearing it’s too feminine. Girls may find their fathers pull back. If you want to prepare your preadolescent daughter for the future keep nurturing and keep speaking their love language.  

Extracted from The 5 Love Languages of Children by Gary Chapman and Ross Campbell 

Next time we will look at Words of affirmation.  

May Wong, School Chaplain