From the Principal

Dear Parents,

Week 8 finds us busy again!

Each year we try and trim back some of the activities in Term 3 but don’t seem to be able to. It is not really a problem, just a reflection of the many things that we are doing to try and keep school interesting and challenging for the students. It is lovely to see the sun shining again and a taste of summer to come. We have a pile of jumpers and jackets that we will put out during the Open Night. Please have a look for anything familiar.

Leeming’s Got Talent

This year the Student Council were very keen to run our school talent show. With assistance from Mrs Sutton and Mr Lam the students organised a great event (sorry that it ran a little late).  I think this year had an outstanding level of talent and shows what an amazing group of students we have here.

Education Assistants’ Appreciation Morning Tea

We are very lucky to have a great crew of Education Assistants at our school. We were able to stop and let them know how much they are appreciated with a morning tea. Our Education Assistants are an integral part of the staff making a huge impact upon the success of the students and the culture of the school.

Open Night (4:30 – 6:00)

This term’s reporting to parents occurs this Thursday Sep 9. During the Open Night classes will be open to families and students can show parents some of the fantastic work that they have been doing. It is always a highlight of the year and we are looking forward to seeing as many parents as possible.

Open School Board Meeting (6:15 – 7:15)

Each year the School Board holds an ‘open’ meeting. All parents are welcome to join the meeting (in a non-voting capacity). If you are interested in seeing how the School Board operates please join us in the Meeting Room after Open Night concludes.

Athletics Carnival

This year the Athletics Carnival will again be held over two days. Jumps and Throws are on Sept 21 and the rest of the events are on Sep 22. Ms Holsgrove is working hard behind the scenes to get the day ready and all of the staff will pull together to make the day special. If you can please assist us by staying in designated areas and limiting pulling the students out of their bays, it would be appreciated. Each year we are very pleased with the good sportsmanship shown by the students. We are currently under Phase 5 of Covid19 restrictions which encourage social distancing at school.

Have a great week.

Clive Emby


Hello Families!

Does your child know how they would respond if faced with a moral dilemma? Thinking through difficult decisions now can help calibrate your child’s moral compass and provide guidance for real-life situations. Use these scenarios as a basis for engaging in conversation about making decisions between right and wrong.

We hope you enjoy the conversations these conundrums will generate as a family!

From LPS Ethical Understandings Committee

Discussion Point 

1.0  A friend in your class has another friend who has turned against her and is encouraging the other girls to bully and isolate her. What can she do?









Positive Behaviours

Week 9:    I model good behaviour without direct supervision. 

Week 10:    When things go wrong I talk about it truthfully.    

Interschool Cross-Country

On Thursday the 12th of August a selected group of students competed in the annual SSWA Interschool Cross-Country for the best long distance runners in the state. Our year 5 and 6 students who competed showed great courage and perseverance throughout their long races. A special mention to Yeseul Kim who overcame falling over and being trod on during her race to finish the race in great time. Well done Yeseul! Our Leeming runners tried their hardest and ran their fastest. Our best time for the day was Brett Carlton with 9:28:23 over 2.5kms. Our best place of the day was Rohan Braid in at 40th. Amazing efforts!

Our amazing runners places and times:

Yr5 Girls:
Temperance Wischki: 188th: 11:55:86
Sarah Cartwright: 245th: 12:31:80
Melody Razavi: 249th: 12:33:62

Yr5 Boys:
Rohan Braid: 40th: 9:36:56
Ellis Dawson: 169th: 10:42:19
Jayce Smoult: 255th: 11:39:10

Yr6 Girls:
Yeseul Kim: 290th: 12:38:66
Alison Astrup: 292nd: 12:39:33
Alice Cosmelli: 317th: 13:20:34
Emily Wilson: 321st: 13:42:24

Yr6 Boys:
Brett Carlton: 45th: 9:28:23
Zavier Argent: 180th: 10:30:65
Luca Sims: 250th: 11:23:40

Miss Holsgrove



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