From The Principal

Welcome to Week 4

I have returned from another fantastic holiday and have now used up all of my accrued long service leave. My wife and I had a great trip to New Zealand, mainly visiting her family. We drove through both islands and saw many fantastic sites. We then stopped in Byron Bay on the way home which was a nice treat and were able to see lots of whales playing in the bay.

We are very lucky at the school to have a wide range of staff with leadership skills and experience. It was great that so much occurred during my absence and so much work was done. The school is travelling really well and the students are very settled and working hard.

We are now in the process of organising things for next year and very shortly we will send home a copy of our predicted model for next year. Our numbers are growing and we have to cater for this and try to predict into 2018. Please take the opportunity to let me know if there is a good case for a class selection. If I can take it into account I will do, but I remind parents that there are many factors that need to be considered. Each year there is also the possibility that numbers change so much that we need to do a restructure at the start of term 1.

Independent Public Schools (IPS)

 The change of State Government has brought about some change for IPS schools.  All staffing vacancies now need to consider the wider need of placing redeploys. This will alter our staffing for next year. The first year of being IPS has been positive and the School Board is providing a body that is guiding and improving the school.


 This year we have had the opportunity to advertise our Science teacher position for a permanent position. We are pleased to inform everyone that Mrs Tanya Warman was the successful candidate and is now attached to the school for 2 days a week.


 In 2018 the roll out of the Nation Curriculum will include the Learning Area of Technologies. We will be reporting in this area in 2018. Practically, the area is split into 2 areas, Digital Technologies and Design and Technologies. Digital Technologies relates to the usage of different systems and solutions whereas Design and Technologies is more about the creation processes and is often similar to STEM

We have a lot of activities planned for the end of the year and it is going to be very exciting. We have Graduation, Edu Dance and the school fete.

Thanking You

Clive Emby