Nature Play

Leeming Primary School is very proud of its strong Natureplay focus. We have built multiple areas enabling students to interact positively with their environment. Every Tuesday lunchtime students are able to access the Bush-Play area to make cubbies, play with sticks, find bugs and generally explore nature. With a great amount of help from the P&C we have a range of large logs for the students (Yrs. 4 and up) to play on. This exciting play area at the front of the school encourages students to make decisions and solve problems. Also at the front of the school we have a sea container full of “Loose Parts Play”. Classes have the opportunity on Thursdays, to use the materials in an unstructured way, developing their creativity and collaborative skills.

Next to the container is our dig pit. Students can use a variety of tools to randomly dig or occasionally there are special events to encourage the students. Last year we had a range of golden ‘doubloons’ to be found and this year there is going to be a ‘dinosaur bone’ find.

Last year we had the opening of a dedicated Early Childhood Natureplay area. This new space was developed for the Kindergarten and Pre – Primary students and is named the ‘Chris Wade Natureplay Area’ after our lovely Mrs Wade, who we were very sad to lose.

A Nature Play program counterbalances the focus on technology with our students enjoying access to a variety of Nature Play areas and equipment to help develop communication skills, problem solving, creativity and resilience in our students.

Natureplay does run a slightly higher risk of minor injuries (splinters etc.) however the benefits outweigh this risk. Parents who have any concerns can contact the office and we will ensure that your child is directed elsewhere.