P&C Committee

2023 Leeming Primary School P & C Committee


Our Committee

The Leeming Primary School P&C Committee for 2023 is as follows:

Principal: Clive Emby

President: Leigh Smith

Vice President: Dan Ladle 

Secretary: Jenni French                                   

Treasurer: Rebecca Swindells

Executive Committee: Tim Skepper, Natalie Honerlage, Kelly Arthur and Shane Best                                                                                             

Scholastic Book Coordinator: Yvette Legge                                            

The P & C Committee are focused on supporting our school to provide an environment where our children are given the best opportunity to learn to achieve their best.   The P & C‘s main focus is keeping the community spirit alive by running community events where parents and children can interact.  The P & C will also run fundraising activities throughout the year to help raise money for resources and equipment for our school.

Leigh’s family joined Leeming Primary School in 2020 after moving into the area. She has two daughters at the school, both following in the footsteps of their dad, Ashley, who also attended Leeming Primary School as a child. Leigh has a Marketing and Communications background, and currently works part time in the Australian Army as a Public Affairs Officer. She joined the P&C to meet other parents, become more involved in the school community and to support the school.

Dan has been a member of the P&C Committee since his son Joshua joined the school in 2014 and daughter Amelia in 2020. Dan became Vice President in 2016 and hopes to continue serving in the P&C Committee for the foreseeable future. Dan likes to be part of the decision-making processes that affect the school and wants to make sure his kids get a good education.  He spends his spare time writing books and stories for children and adults.

Kelly joined Leeming Primary School in 2018 shortly after moving into the area and currently has two children at the school, with another due to start in 2023. Kelly is an Occupational Therapist by trade and working part time in the health care system – enjoying the chaos of trying to balance work and family whilst having fun along the way. She joined the P&C to keep up to date with the changes and events happening at the school and took on the Secretary role, seeing it as an opportunity to support the school and contribute to its community spirit.

Tim’s daughter started Kindy at Leeming Primary School in late 2016, after the family moved here from England. He now has two children at the school, with his son starting Kindy here in 2018. Tim originally joined the P&C in 2018, to become more involved in the school community and to better understand what goes on behind the scenes!

Nat’s family joined the Leeming Primary community after moving into the area in the beginning of the year. Nat’s family is first-generation Australian, she and her husband grew up in Germany and moved to Australia in 2010. Her daughter attends Pre-primary. Nat enjoys helping out where needed and joined the P&C to connect to other parents and get involved in the school community.

Jenni’s family joined Leeming Primary School at the end of 2020. Jenni grew up in Leeming herself and is a local business owner who plans her business around her children’s pick up, drop off and school events. Jenni’s one goal when changing schools was to become more involved in the P&C and she is looking forward to bringing you many exciting fundraising opportunities this year.

Yvette has been a member of the Leeming Primary School Community for 8 years.  She has three children in years 3 and 6.  A member of the P&C for several years, Yvette is on the Safety House Committee, the Graduation Committee and assists with Scholastic Book Club when required.  Yvette believes that schools operate best with community and parent involvement and is proud to be actively involved in her children’s school.