Choirs 4 Kids

Choirs4kids is community singing groups for children from ages 3-13. They have two age groups: Singing Joeys (age 3-6) and Singing Roos (age 6-13).
Joeys learn the basics of singing and songs based on a theme whilst finding their voices and boosting confidence. Roos learn modern and some older songs, work together on harmonies and general singing skills to boost volume and quality of their voice. We also work a lot on confidence and self-belief, creating a safe environment for these young people to find their voice or extend it. 

Classes are in Melville on Tuesdays and South Perth on Wednesdays.  Payments are pro rata for the term and you can find out more info and current term prices at

Contact Sue for more info in 0414 205 919 or visit the website.