Our School Song and Creed

It’s a school of friendship and we have a dream

That we hope to stay and grow, a close knit team
Though each year unfortunately children leave
Others come to keep our great school spirit growing


Leeming Primary School we know is best
The banksia and our name is on the crest
Where we come to learn the golden rules, oh yes
(To) learn to read and write and add
(To) know the difference from good and bad
(To) show to all the rest love, kindness and our best

It’s a school of love and a school of pride
It’s a school of people who have always tried
To do their best so they may all be satisfied
To live the life that they were all created for


School Creed

This is our school
Let peace dwell here
Let the rooms be full of contentment
Let love abide here
Love of one another
Love of God and love of life itself
Let us remember
As many hands build a house
Many hearts make a school