Our Brand and logo

Leeming Primary School brand has been designed and developed using the existing banksia emblem, the element has been designed to be strong, distinct, innovative and modern.  The logo symbolises the connection to community and promotes the school values:


Our logo is the most visible element of our identity and is a universal signature across all communications. It’s a guarantee of quality that unites our diverse school community. The brand is modern, inspiring, bright and engaging and reflects a sense of creativity and aspiration at Leeming Primary School. 

Our logo is made up of two core elements: School icon and name. These unique elements are always placed in a fixed relationship and should never be altered, modified or reproduced in any way.


The content, brand, logo and images used on this website are not for use by others and is owned by Leeming Primary School. If you require information, an image or a logo contact the school during business hours Monday to Friday.