School Holidays

This Friday is the last day for Term 3. Students will start back on Tuesday 9th October.  We wish everyone a safe and happy break and look forward to seeing all students back refreshed and well next term.

Please note that we are currently collecting payments and permissions for the following activities taking place next term. It is really important that all notes are returned by the due dates. 

  • Uniting Aged Care Visit (Rooms 10 & 11) – Permissions/Payments Due 21st September
  • Kiara College Visit (Rooms 9 & 12) – Permissions/Payments Due 21st September
  • Edu Dance (PP-Year 6) – Permissions/Payments due Weds 10th October
  • Opel Aged Care (Rooms 1 & 3) – Permissions/Payments Due 10th October
  • In Term Swimming (PP-Year 6) – Permissions due 12th October/ Payments due 19th October

To view the current permission notices please click here.