P&C Fundraising Update

Fete Day is fast approaching ALL HANDS ON DECK – here’s how you can help:


Cakes – the PP/1 cake stall needs….cakes (or biscuits or slices)! Anyone able to donate tasty treats, please bring them to the Canteen on Friday 24th at either school drop off or pick up time, or on the day of the Fete (from 8am onwards). Please list ingredients. Thank-you!

Second-hand books – Room 6 would like books / DVDs / games / jigsaws for their second-hand book (etc.) stall. Any items in good condition (DVD’s rated G / PG only) would be greatly appreciated. They can be placed in the boxes in the Room 5/6/7 wet area (outside Mrs Douglas’ classroom).

Small prizes – Room 5 would like small inexpensive prizes for boys and girls of various ages for their Pluck-a-duck game. Some ideas include hair ties, matchbox cars, bubble wands, notebooks, pens/textas, marbles, glow sticks, money boxes… the list can go on! Please leave them in the donation boxes in the front office and Room 5/6/7 wet area.

Second-hand dress-ups – if you have any children’s costumes that are in good condition and no longer needed, we would love to have them to sell at the school fete. Please deliver the costumes to Room 12.

Cuddly toys: any good condition cuddly toys would be greatly appreciated for the adopt-a-cuddly stall. Please deliver to Room 12.

SIGN UP: to help with whatever your class is doing for the Fete (or even a different class because all help is wonderful). You can also ask partners / grandparents and older kids to help out too.

SPREAD THE WORD: Letter box drop, tell your family and friends, point at our billboard and posters in shops and exclaim loudly how no-one would want to miss this!

Like (and share) the Fete’s Facebook page for your chance to WIN a cake of your choice from the Fete cake stall. Yummo!




ENTHUSE: the best advertising is you being interested and letting others know.

COME ALONG: Don’t forget this bit. It’s going to be a great day, see you there!

Any questions, suggestions please contact

– Merri Ford – lpscarnivalfete@gmail.com