The Leeming Primary School Canteen is organised and operated by the P&C and is reliant on volunteers.  Our manager is a member of the P&C Committee.

The canteen is open Mondays and Thursdays for recess and lunch.  

The canteen follows the ”Traffic Light” healthy eating programme.

RED Foods – Deemed unhealthy. These types of food do not appear on our menu.

AMBER Foods – Available in limited and quantity-controlled amounts.

GREEN Foods – Encouraged eating and available at all times.

How do you order:

Please register with QuickCliq (if you have not already done so for uniform orders). All orders need to be placed by 9.00am on the day they are required. (Sushi Orders require pre-ordering – Please see QuickCliq for details)

Lunch order Queries:
If the children have a query about their lunch order they can take it to the Canteen Coordinator for any issues to be rectified.

der. Credit Notes will not be issued.neral Information:


Volunteers are always needed to help the canteen function. If you are able to spare a few hours and lend a hand, come along or contact the Canteen Coordinator, Sabrina De Silva – 0422 919 508 or email

Further information about healthy food and drinks for your child’s lunch can be viewed at the Department of Education website.