Leeming Primary School Parents Staying Connected

Thank you to one of our parents who has created an information sheet on how parents can stay connected to what’s happening at our school. Click here for a printable PDF copy

The following suggestions are a great way to stay in touch.

Regularly review the Leeming Primary School Website – leemingps.wa.edu.au .On the opening page, the recent news feeds and upcoming events are a great reminder of things to do and things to come.

Leeming Primary School is now using  CONNECT. You will receive email or push notifications weekly with latest updates from teachers and admin.  So that you don’t receive duplicate notifications make sure you update your preferences/settings when you log into connect.  There is also some helpful user guides in the Library tab on the Connect Site.

Join the Leeming Primary School Parents Facebook Group – Accessible to all current Leeming Primary School students, parents and caregivers. It is a fun and friendly forum, which shares school and P&C related information.  It is completely independent from school operations and administered by two parents from the school.

Every year group in 2018 has a dedicated Facebook Page, for example Kindy Caregivers, Year 1 Caregivers and so on.  Again the groups are independent from school operations and administered (generally) by the year group classroom representatives.

The links to join the various groups are located at the top of the Leeming Primary School Parents Facebook Page, in a pinned post at the top of the discussion.

As the Facebook groups are closed to people other than parents and caregivers, you will need to request to join the Facebook Groups, and provide your child(ren)’s name and class to gain access.

We hope that you join the relevant Facebook Groups soon, but please note that if you prefer not to participate on the Facebook platform, it may be worth mentioning it to your classroom representative, so they are able to keep you in the loop of any other non official school information and events that would be of benefit and interest to you.

Please also remember any communication on the Facebook platform is to adhere to the school parent’s rights and responsibilities charter – to always be respectful, courteous and honest.