Japanese Student Visit

On Tuesday, July 31st, a group of high school students from Japan (who have been staying with Leeming SHS families) came to Leeming Primary School to do Japanese cultural activities with our students.

Some students from Room 10 wrote about the visit:

Today Japanese students came to our school. The group I was in first read Japanese books. A high school student read in Japanese and then translated it into English. The Japanese people didn’t know everything in English, but they tried their best.

The second activity we did was play with balls filled with air. I felt were excited. In our little group we got fifty catches. By myself I got fourteen. I had a fun time meeting people from a different country and playing games. (Madi)

It was awesome when the Japanese students came to the class. At recess my friends and I talked to them, they were really nice. My friends and I talked a little bit in Japanese, but they were better than us to be honest. After recess the Japanese students came into our class and said ‘hi’ then the teacher split us into groups. First we learnt to write our names in Japanese, the we made paper cranes. It was hard so a girl helped us. At the end we went back to our class.  (Aaya)

On July 31st some Japanese students came into our school. They came here to learn English. They only know a little bit. We played one game called Paper Balloon game and read a few books, the topics were Little Things and Big Things, and then Pets. My favourite part of the books was the cats. I had so much fun. (Charlie P.)