From the Principal

Happy Chinese New Year!

2018 is the year of the dog. I hope that it is a happy and prosperous year for everyone.

School Chess Club

Each Friday the school chess club meets in the library and it is going gangbusters! Each week we have had around 50 students and there are a lot of younger students having fun and learning the game. It is hard to help them all, so if you have any interest in Chess and a free lunch time, please come along and give Mr Lewis and myself a hand. Thanks.

School Board Nominations

A ballot will be held to fill a position of Parent Representative on the School Board. We are happy that there are interested candidates and it will be a positive process for the parent group to select their representative. Please keep an eye out for your election pack. The ballot box will be in the front office.

The ballot will be open for a period of (2) school weeks from 12/03/18 until 4:00pm 23/03/18.


I realise that it can be difficult to park/drop off students at busy times. For the safety of the students I would ask parents NOT to park on the concrete spaces near the gates. It can block the footpath and increase the danger for the students.

We have been negotiating with the City of Melville to have the curbing fixed in our driveway entrance. You will notice these works at the front of the school have commenced.

Thanking you