From the Principal

Dear Parents,

School Song

This year’s graduating students and committee are considering donating a new and updated sign for the undercover area with the school song with new school logo. As part of this process we are considering changing the word ‘God’ to ‘All’ or ‘Family’. This is something that is a little more inclusive of our school community and perhaps a little more appropriate for a Govt. school.  Due to time constraints of an already busy Term 4 this year, we will be seeking community feedback on this matter via a survey in Term 1, 2022 – more information will be sent out early next year.

Out of Hours School Care

At the end of this year the lease for the current provider of OHSC (Mulberry Tree) expires. Before signing a new agreement, the school is undergoing an Expression of Interest process that allows other providers of OHSC to put forward a proposal. This is to ensure that there is some transparency in the process and that we are ensuring that they provide good value for the community.  Once the EOI process has been completed we will advise you of the outcome (before the start of the 2022 school year)

Parental preference for 2022

Below is the predicted class model for 2022. Asking for parental input is one part of a complex process and we would prefer that you return a preference only if you have a compelling reason to do so, not just because you feel that you should. Thanks J  Preferences MUST be submitted by no later than 4.00pm Friday 12 November using this online form link.  One form for each child/request must be completed.

Each year the school undertakes a thoughtful and considered process for the establishment of classes and the allocation of students to those classes. The process considers:

  • Maximum class sizes (sometimes creating split classes)
  • Gender balance
  • Ability balance
  • Siblings
  • Social groupings

This process provides balanced classes and a balanced school.

As part of clear processes, we also like to provide parents with the opportunity to bring to our attention any issues that may be pertinent. We may be able to consider this in class allocations. I really ask that parents trust this process to us and only make a request if there is a pertinent reason for your child. Please also be aware that in most cases, if there is a school based reason for a student’s placement, this will have to override a parental request.

The model below is a predicted model for 2022 (1 x additional class from 2021). Models can change according to the number and make up of students who are actually enrolled in January 2022. Reconfiguration of the number and structure of the classes does happen occasionally.


Kindy A – Mrs Ashleigh Bongiorno (Mrs Lynch on Leave in Term1)

Kindy B – Mrs Stephanie Pirie

PP1 – Mrs Dawn Kidd

PP2 – Ms Clare Nicholson

Year 1 Room 5 – Mrs Jennifer Squeo

Year 1 Room 6 – Miss Natalie Hall

Year 2 Room 7 – Mrs Alison Oliver

Year 2 Room 8 – Mrs Anthea Uden

Year 2 / 3 Room 15 – Mr Cody Lam (3 days) / Mrs Kate O’Dowd (2 days)

Year 3 Room 16 – Mrs Jacqui Needham (4 days)  / Mr Patrick Lees (1 day)

Year 4 Room 9 – Mr Oliver Kellow

Year 4 / 5 Room 10 – Mrs Ruth Sutton (3 days)  / TBC (2 days)

Year 5 Room 11/12 – Ms Melissa Thomas

Year 6 Room 1 / 2 – Mrs Linda Thomas (3 days) / TBC (2 days)

Year 6 Room 3/ 4 – Ms Taylah Holsgrove

Clive Emby


WORLD TEACHERS DAY 2021 (Friday 29 October)

Thank you to our wonderful teachers at Leeming Primary School.

Thank you to the Redman and Legge families for providing morning tea to celebrate and acknowledge our teachers.









Hello Families!

Does your child know how they would respond if faced with a moral dilemma? Thinking through difficult decisions now can help calibrate your child’s moral compass and provide guidance for real-life situations. Use these scenarios as a basis for engaging in conversation about making decisions between right and wrong.

We hope you enjoy the conversations these conundrums will generate as a family!

From LPS Ethical Understandings Committee

Discussion Point 

4.0  – You are stumped on an important maths test and you have the perfect opportunity to cheat without getting caught. What do you do, and how do you explain your decision.








Week 5:    I proudly wear my uniform.

Week 6:   I initiate and respond to greetings.


Boys Champion Cup 2021

On the 14th of October our selected year five and six boys competed in the annual Champions Cup at Hossack reserve in Lynwood. Leeming played a total of four games across the day on what was a quite warm Spring day. Our Leeming boys won their first game against Mt Hawthorn 3-2, they then went on to draw 0-0 against Riverton ‘A’ side which could have been a very different score line with the boys having many chances at goal. It was a hard fought draw. The boys then lost their remaining two games to Woodbridge and Riverton ‘B’ side. Leeming ended up finishing equal 3rd place in our group. The boys showed great team work and fancy footwork on and off the pitch. A very strong effort by the Leeming Boys team. Well done boys!
Miss Holsgrove


Litter Free Friday News

Room 10 are determined to WIN BACK THEIR TROPHY after losing it by a very narrow margin last week to Room 16.

To get us in a sustainable mindset Ms Moore took us out in Maths class to collect, classify and graph the different types of litter around our school (and clean it up!).

We sorted our finds, recorded our data as a tally, decided on our variables and then drew up a bar graph. Finally, we had a go at recreating it as Column and Pie charts using our iPads!

Well done Room 10, we are looking forward to winning our trashy trophy back!

Ms Moore and Mr K









Containers for Change

As part of our Sustainability and School Garden Revitalisation programs, we have acquired 3 new bins to promote and encourage the collection of eligible recyclable containers within our school community. 

Our aim is to develop student awareness of the importance of recycling to protect our environment by limiting unnecessary waste. In addition to this, the monies raised will be utilised in relocating and establishing a more vibrant school garden for the benefit of the students and wider school community. 

The mint green bins will be placed in easily accessible areas each day for families to drop their recyclables These locations are: 

  • Cluster 1 Room 2 (at the end of the front school footpath)
  • Cluster 3 Room 12 (cul-de-sac school entrance) 
  • School Undercover Area 

If you do not wish to bring the containers to school and prefer to take them to your local collection centre, but would still like to donate, we have a school ID scheme number that you can utilise: 

                                         Scheme ID is:  C10492761 

Please CLICK HERE for information outlining which containers are eligible for collection. 

We would greatly appreciate your support in this initiative. 

Mrs Thomas