From the Principal

Dear Parents,

Term 3 continues to have a winter theme. It is hard to imagine that it is going to be hot again. Students are doing well and coping with the weather. We are lucky to have our great undercover areas that provide us with some flexibility.


This term we have Mr. Lam taking over from Ms. Sharrock who is going on leave.

New play equipment

The new play equipment for the junior students will be installed during the next school holidays. Mrs Kidd has done a great job overseeing this project and the students are going to be very impressed with the end product.


We have camp next week! The Year sixes will be away for the first half of the week and the Year fives in the second. I will be away with the Year sixes. Please contact Ms Thomson if required.


This weeks Japanese assembly is at 2pm Thursday 12/08/21. 

Clive Emby








Positive Behaviours

Week 5:    I proudly wear my uniform.

Week 6:    I initiate and respond to greetings.

Friday the 6th of August was Australian Primary Principal Day, which we showed our appreciation and celebrated with Morning Tea.













Cross-Country 2021

On Friday the 7th of August our students in Years 3 to 6 participated in our annual Leeming Primary School Cross-Country. The sun came out for us luckily on what was a great day for running. All of the students who participated showed great stamina and sportsmanship to finish their races. Thank you to all the parents and classes who came down to support on the day.  The results are below:

Year 3 Girls:
1st: Ara Hyun 2nd: Alessia Lee Forooghi 3rd: Elizabeth Rivers 4th: Julia Astrup

Year 3 Boys:
1st: Kaine McDonald 2nd: Jeremy Schneider 3rd: Jeremy Ainsworth 4th: Lewis Jones







Year 4 Girls:
1st: Tayah Tang 2nd: Eva Marbeck 3rd: Tianyu Chai 4th: Moesat Kyi

Year 4 Boys:
1st: Lucas Birkbeck 2nd: Cooper Argent 3rd: Mitchell Gray 4th: Kobi Sims/Thomas Mitchell







Year 5 Girls:
1st: Sarah Cartwright 2nd: Temperance Wischki 3rd: Melody Razavi 4th: Abigail Ainsworth

Year 5 boys:
1st: Rohan Braid 2nd: Ellis Dawson 3rd: Jayce Smoult 4th: Alex Rodgers







Year 6 Girls:
1ST: Yeseul Kim 2nd: Alice Cosmelli 3rd: Emily Wilson 4th: Alison Astrup

Year 6 Boys:
1st: Brett Carlton 2nd: Zavier Argent 3rd: Luca Sims 4th: Joshua Ladle






Miss Holsgrove

Cross Country 2021

Last Friday morning, we had cross country run at our School. All the Year 3 to 6 students took part in the run. “3, 2, 1! Go!” the whistle was blown and the Year 3 girls took off.  At first, I was jogging. Next, I started sprinting.

Then, we were very close to the finishing line. I started to feel tired and decided to walk. Soon, I could hear the teachers and students cheering. I was one of the last runners in the group. So, I sprinted to the finishing line. Finally, the winners of each group were presented with ribbons.

My favourite part was the end of the race because I needed the rest. I had so much fun!

Written by Olivia (Room 8) edited by Teacher








Adaptations Experiment

By Joshua Yap and Jayce Smoult Room 11

This term, we have been studying adaptations of plants and animals. One of the reasons why plants and animals have adaptations is for survival. We looked at some animals that use adaptations to survive in their environments like the Fennec Fox and the Bilby which both have big ears to survive in the desert. These ears help them to stay cool because of their large surface area. Having such a big surface area helps them lose heat faster.

We conducted an experiment to see if that was true. We used a plastic cup (small surface area) and a plastic takeaway container (large surface area). Then we filled them up with hot water at a temperature of around 50 degrees Celsius. We got two thermometers and put one in each container and measured the temperature every two minutes for twelve minutes. We found out that the takeaway container cooled down faster than the plastic cup, which you can see in the graph below.

Students conducting the experiment               A graph showing the results from the experiment













The Potato Olympics 2021

It was a special day on Wednesday, 4 August when Room 7 and Room 8 students had the Potato Olympics at Leeming Primary School. First, we lit our torches and our Potato Athletes marched around the classrooms and wet area.

Then, our Guest of Honour, Mr Emby announced, “Let the games begin!” Next, our Potato Athletes competed in four events including long distance roll, diving, weightlifting and velodrome.

Finally, Miss Emily won the long distance roll and Miss Rae was second. Pugtato was excellent at diving, Ella did the most laps in the Velodrome event and Noah was best at weightlifting. Miss Chips’s favourite part was working in a team with her mates. All the coaches were very proud of their athletes, who had demonstrated the values of respect, integrity and excellence throughout the day.

Written and edited by Students and Teacher of Room 8






























To celebrate Book Week 2021 we have five special guest Authors coming to the school to work with our students.  Gabriel Evans, Dianne Wolfer, Raewyn Caisley, Tamara Moss & Joshua Eggington.

Year One’s and Two’s will join Gabriel Evans

Year Three’s will join Dianne Wolfer

Year Four’s will join Raewyn Caisley

Year Five’s will join Tamara Moss

Year Six Girls will join Tamara Moss

Year Six Boys will join Joshua Eggington

Please Click Here – Evans, Wolfer, Caisley, and Moss Book Order Form – Leeming PS to see the books available to purchase online.

Don’t forget to purchase before the 18/08/21 to get your books signed.