From The Principal

Hopefully by now everyone has had a smooth introduction to the world of Connect. The schools usage will evolve and we are happy to take constructive feedback to improve as we go. We are still working to bring the Kindergarten classes on line.

It should improve our communication with parents and your ability to keep track of news and events. The website will receive updates as required and a ‘major’ update every fortnight. This will be signalled by Connect and will take over most of the tasks of the old newsletter.

One of the first items that teachers are posting is their ‘Welcome to School” package. These should answer the majority of questions that you may have about your child’s class.

Reporting to Parents – Term 1

 In the past the school has used the information night in Term 1 as it’s ‘reporting to parents’ tool. This year we are making a change, ‘welcome to the year’ information is now available on Connect. In place of the information night we will be holding a ‘short’ interview night on Wednesday 4 April. We are still working out the finer details but the plan will be something like 3:15 pm – 5:30 pm with 5 minute windows. It will not be an opportunity for an in depth discussion, but to touch base. Teachers will be asked to prepare one area that the student can improve in. Parents will be asked to book in and respect the timing. Some parents may have their window offered to them at an alternative time to give all families the opportunity to meet.

Although 5 minutes is not a long time it should be sufficient to update you on your child’s progress and highlight an area that could be improved. There will be enough time before the Semester 1 reports for improvement to be shown. At this stage we are planning that the students will not be present.

More information will be provided shortly.

Thanking You