From the Principal

Dear Parents,

As part of the process of review that we are going through, we have been looking a lot at what we are doing, the impact that it is having and where we are headed. It is actually a nice process to go through as there is so much to feel positive about. We talk a lot about building a positive school culture and the review is a chance to reflect upon where we are at. It is possible that we don’t spread this message well enough and celebrate our successes enough. On a daily basis we see students of all ages being kind to each other. We see students helping to modify other students’ behaviour where required and see most students keen and eager to come to school to learn.

Reporting to Parents

Last night the school undertook its first term, reporting to parents process. Teachers were well prepared to provide succinct information in a short period of time. It is hoped that this is of use to parents and provides useful information ahead of the formal reports in Term 2. Thank you for assisting us with the process, keeping to the timetable and engaging in a positive manner.










NAPLAN practice test

This week we are undertaking a practice test to see if our infrastructure and hardware can cope with online NAPLAN. This is done each year that we normally have no issues as we have excellent systems in place.

It has been a short but intense term and we have achieved much. Have a safe and happy holiday and we will see you back for another great term.

Clive Emby








Positive Behaviours

Term 1 – Week 9:    I am responsible for my actions even when I make mistakes.

Term 2 – Week 1:    I model good behavior without direct supervision.

ICT Support

The below service is available for anyone experiencing problems with their apple devices at school or home.










On Wednesday the children met in the Undercover area to celebrate Harmony Day by singing two songs.

Firstly they sang Wanjoo a Noongar song welcoming people who are gathering together. Then they sang Down Under In Australia. This song celebrates the different cultures in Australia and the children sang this song proudly while the performed the actions and danced. It was a joyous occasion.







On Wednesday the children in Years 1 to 6 attended a MUSICA VIVA concert by the ensemble Eastwinds. The children have been learning about Eastwinds in class who have a unique blend of eastern and western instruments.

It was a wonderful concert.












Your child’s mental health is important and at Leeming we strive to provide a safe, supportive and inclusive school environment. 

Our pastoral care program, offered by May Wong our school chaplain, plays an important role in helping create that environment.  All our students can easily organise time with May, whose role is explained in her letter.


Hello Leeming School Community,

 It’s good to be back at Leeming Primary School this year. I am here on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

 My role is to listen to whoever needs to talk.

 I provide a supportive place to talk and confidential, non-judgmental, pastoral care to individuals or groups of students.

 Additionally, I run lunch time programs where we play board games and do crafts in winter months.

 I’m here for our school community.

 Warm regards,

May Wong