From the Principal

Dear Parents,

As part of the School’s forward planning and Business Plan, we have established four cross curriculum committees. Each committee is meeting and have a plan for developing this area across the school. The work upgrading the buddy bench is the direct work of one of the committees.

  • Critical and Creative Thinking
  • Personal and Social Capability
  • Ethical Understanding
  • Intercultural Understanding

They are based on the WA Curriculum’s General Capabilities. These are designed to promote skills and thinking around 21st Century skills. These skills should enable students to be better prepared for high school and beyond into an ever-changing work place. Last year there was a half day of creativity and this is happening again. Each cluster will be spending the next three weeks investigating and creating. In the last week of term, we will all gather together and share our ideas.

Inquiry Challenge

This term the Creative and Critical Thinking Committee challenge is:

  • Topic: How are children’s homes different throughout the world. Investigate and Create  
  • Stimulus to be constructed throughout the term. 
  • Various materials across mediums provided, e.g. STEAM materials 
  • Start in undercover area with an acknowledgement of country, walk through that reflects hook activities/investigations,  
  • End with a plenary that involves 5-minute video from each cluster 

School Board

Following several years of fantastic service to the school community our School Board Chair Peita Alberti has retired. She oversaw a very positive period for the board. We thank her for her service and with both boys at high school age hope she enjoys high school life. At the last meeting Narada Stapel was elected into the position. Narada has been an active board member and has been a School Board Chair previously. Narada is the father of Charles and we are looking forward to working with him.

Power outage 18 March 7:00  – 6:00

We have been informed that our street will be having work completed creating a power outage for the school. The last time this occurred the time was much shorter than the predicted 11 hours, but we are preparing for the worst case scenario. Most classes will be participating in outdoor activities during the day.

This will impact Mulberry Tree / Dental Services

Public School Review

Leeming PS is undergoing a self-review audit process. We are creating a review document that is like a student portfolio. It provides examples of the work we are doing, a reflection of whether we are happy with it and a comment on where to go next. This will be supplemented with a validation visit from a Director of Accountability and a peer Principal. At the end of the process there will be a publicly available report produced. The visit will occur on May 25. Leading up to this visit the staff have and are been working through producing a review document. This covers all aspects of school operations. Early next term this will undergo final consultation with the School Board and community members.

Parent Teacher Interviews – Tuesday 23rd March 2021

Parent Teacher Interviews will take place in the undercover area from 3:15pm until 5:30pm.  The interviews are 5 minute time slots with a 1 minute transition time.   

Our online booking system for Parent Teacher Interviews opened on Tuesday 9 March 2021 from 8:00am until 18 March 2021 at 4:00pm unless otherwise full.  Please see the classroom teacher to schedule an alternate time if all the time slots allocations are filled.

Please CLICK HERE to go to the booking system.

Please CLICK HERE for instructions.

Clive Emby








Positive Behaviours 

Week 7:    I initiate and respond to greetings.

Week 8:    I am responsible for my actions even when I make mistakes.

Purple Dress Day for Epliepsy