From the Principal

Dear Parents,

What a great start to the term that we have had. Attendance has been high, student behaviour excellent and there has been a positive climate throughout the school. I thank everyone for their hard work to ensure a smooth start to the year.

I spent yesterday at my Collegiate Principal’s day, during the day we went through several professional activities that were very rewarding. We also swapped ‘war stories’ and I come away reaffirmed as to how lucky we are here and what a great staff and parent body we deal with!

On a small personal note, I am in training for a boxing event later in the year and may occasionally arrive with some facial ‘dings’. Hopefully not too often!


This week we had the School Board meet as well as The P&C

Both of these committees are made up of parental volunteers giving some of their time to assisting the school and all of the students. They do some great work. The P&C has done some fantastic work around fundraising which assisted with projects such as the playground upgrades, the canteen and the uniform shop. They also organise activities such as the welcome to new parents’ BBQs, Safety House, School Banking and other less advertised work. The P&C is very well run by our fantastic president Rebecca Larsen and she ensures that very few meetings run over an hour. Unfortunately, there are a couple of roles which need to be filled for a P&C to run. They require someone to step into the role of Treasurer. Without this role being undertaken they will not be able to continue and the fantastic work will not happen this year. If you have any time and interest, please and contact Rebecca (Bec).

Third Party Apps

The Departments decision to make schools obtain parental permission for students to access both operating programmes, school wide programmes and individual apps has created a lot of change. It is a difficult process and we appreciate your patience with it. All schools are implementing the change slightly differently. We feel that we have a good system in place but might ‘tweak it’ if better ideas come to the surface. You can be assured that we take online safety very seriously and will do what is best for the students. Please ring the school if you need clarification or have any questions.

Please check your Connect messages and complete the online forms by March 3. Without permission student access will be severally limited.

Clive Emby








Positive Behaviours

Week 5:    I follow the instructions of staff.

Week 6:    I proudly wear my uniform.

Art Department Request 

If you have any old CD’s lying around gathering dust, our Art department would be grateful for any donations to use in their various art projects.

Many thanks

Mrs Gordon

Loose Parts Play

Year 5 and 6 students enjoying the year’s first Loose Parts Play on Monday, preparing to mentor the year 4 students who will be introduced to the creative play session next week.