From the Principal

Dear Parents,

Welcome Back to Term 1 2021

It has been a delayed and strange start but we are grateful to be back and to have the students here. Our attendance rate is very high this week with nearly all expected students returning. Thank you for keeping up to date with the communication. I endeavoured to pass on information as it became available and tried to use a variety of sources to get the word out. It was pleasing that we had no students arrive on the previous Monday.

School started this week with the staff wearing masks. This seems to be working well and not stressing the students, this may end this week but we will be prepared for all eventualities.


At the end of Term 4 we had a string of new enrolments. This continued during the week before school starting. It has created a situation in which we have full classes in some areas. We will provide some extra support to those classes that are fairly full.


Leeming PS has a Nature play initiative running through different programmes. These include the log area at the front of the school, the mulch mountain, Loose parts play, the ‘cubby’ area the log playground for the juniors and a Nature play area specifically for the Early Childhood area.

Nature play encourages creative play and builds social skills, initiative and resilience. It has slightly more risks than our regular play and we occasionally get splinters, scratches and bites. We feel that these are fair trade offs for the benefits but parents always have the opportunity to ask for their child not to access these areas. Please just let your class teacher know.


               No Risk No Reward

Clive Emby












Positive Behaviours

Week 3:     I respond to signals and instructions.

Week 4:    I am on time, organised and ready to learn.