From the Principal

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Week 10, the last week of 2021! It has been a very big year and we are proud of everyone for getting through in such a positive manner. I thank everyone who has assisted us in some way this year and hope that next year isn’t quite as exciting. Farewell to the families that are leaving us to go elsewhere or high school life.

School Security

Just a quick reminder that we rely on our community to assist us in keeping the vandalism at the low level that it is. If over the holidays you see people on site causing damage, can you please ring School Security 92644771.

Buddy Benches

It has been great to see our Buddy Bench programme get an upgrade. These three benches (Junior, Senior and Early Childhood) have been decorated with student designs and painted by Mrs Wilson and Mrs Gordon. They stand as a proud feature in the playground. Students know that if they sit on the buddy benches, other students will ask them to join in their games or play with them.








New Nature play playground (Junior logs)

Following many requests from the students for a junior version of the logs, we have finally made it happen. At the back of the school we have installed a ‘mini logs’ for the yr. 1/2/3 to play upon. It is great to keep improving the facilities and this new playground fits in line with our Nature play focus and philosophy. We enjoy seeing the students take slight risks to expand their confidence, creative play and resilience.


It was a delight to see so many families out last night to see the students finish their year with the Edudance concert. They looked amazing and danced fantastically.











Have a Merry Xmas and a safe holiday. 

Clive Emby


Positive Behaviours – Term1 2021

Week 1:    I have a go and do my best at everything.

Week 2:    I respond quickly to signals and instructions.

Picasso Clay Faces by Year 5/6

In art we have been learning about the artist Pablo Picasso. 

One of his most famous periods of painting is called the Cubist Period.  Cubism is where an artist paints an object from a few different angles, all in the same picture.  So you see the front, the back and the sides at the same time.

We made clay faces but before we started we drew a person facing the front and in profile.  We then transferred this design to our clay work.  Can you see the faces in profile and the faces looking straight ahead?

After the clay was fired we painted the faces, giving careful consideration to the choice of colours.