From the Principal

Dear Parents,

I hope you are having a great term. We are busy with many events and are planning for next year. This week we have school photos happening, which has been well organised by Ms Thomson. We have the Kindy Information Day and Parent Thank-you morning tea to look forward to on the 18th November as well.

Outdoor Classroom Day

This Thursday 5th November we have our outdoor classroom planned. Teachers will work out of doors working on some creative and challenging activities with the students.

Sports Carnival 

Another super day at this years sports carnival MURRAY were the winners for 2020.  Photos coming soon!

Updates to Parent Funded BYOD Program 2021: for year 3’s purchasing iPads for 2021.

We have updated our Winthrop Sales Portal and purchasing advice document according to recent Apple releases and announcements.

Please note that iPads on school grounds will need to have a protective shell and to comply with curriculum goals will need a keyboard peripheral. A ‘folio’ is a combination of these, a protective case with built in keyboard.

Other accessories such as Apple Pencils are completely optional. Headphones may be ordered through the Winthrop portal OR through the regular booklist.

Macbooks will continue to be used by students in years 5 and 6 in 2021 and 2022.  Year 5/6 students new to Leeming PS will have the option to use a school owned Macbook or purchase their own Macbook.  You will also find Macbook purchase options at Winthrop Sales Portal.



Clive Emby

This Term we have had the bonus of having an extra teacher on staff. Mrs Needham has been undertaking a wide range of roles for us including some intensive and fun maths.

Mrs Needham’s Maths Group.

During our Maths Group sessions, we have been exploring the language of maths. There are specific terms and key words used that indicate which problem solving strategy we should choose. We have been exploring how maths questions are worded and what they are actually asking us to do. It is important to be able to identify these key words in a question or problem and know what they mean, so that we can apply the correct maths rule or identify the best strategy, pattern or operation to solve it. We have also been reinforcing our recall skills of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division through games and hands on activities.

Year 2 Focus

  • Determining which operation/strategy is needed to solve a problem based on the maths vocabulary used in the question.
  • Defining maths vocabulary that we use in every day life.
  • Partitioning whole numbers up to 1000 and beyond.
  • Identifying and applying a rule in a pattern.
  • Recognise number patterns and identify missing elements.
  • Halving and doubling.
  • Visual strategies to solve division sums by sharing equally.
  • Skip counting to solve multiplication sums.
  • Exploring ways to find the difference between 2 or more numbers.
  • Finding the perimeter of squares and rectangles.

Year 4 Focus

  • Determining which operation/strategy is needed to solve a problem based on the maths vocabulary used in the question.
  • Use elimination of answers in a multiple choice question based on student background knowledge of place value, maths rules and the reasonableness of the answer.
  • Using strategies like estimation and rounding to check the truth of a mathematical statement.
  • Properties and features of 3D shapes.
  • Understanding that fractions are a way of dividing a whole number
  • Mental strategies to solve maths problems.
  • Determining if a question is going to be a multi-step task, and what to do first.
  • Comparing objects using measurement strategies to determine the size and difference between 2 or more objects.





















Positive Behaviours

Week 5:    I model good behaviour without direct supervision.  

Week 6:    When things go wrong I talk about it truthfully.