From the Principal

Dear Parents,

Week 8 finds us getting back to closer to normal. Students are working hard and most activities have returned. Hopefully this looks like the pattern that we will continue.

We are making arrangements for a range of activities for Term 3, thinking that we will have the ability to do so.

The renovation of the toilets continues. Thank you to everyone for their patience. The students have been excellent, especially those using the portable toilets.

Please remember when visiting the school during school hours you must come to the office upon arrival.  Whether it may be for an appointment or to drop off something that was forgotten, it is essential that we know you are on the school grounds for your safety and the safety of your children.  Please also remember that the rear service driveway is for service and delivery vehicles only and is not to be used for student drop-off.  


Reports will be going home soon. Mrs Kidd (who is filling in as Deputy until the end of term) and myself are busy proof reading them at the moment. Although there is no ‘grade’ this semester, it is clear what the students have been up to and their progress.

Recently we had a kind donation of hand sanitiser from Blooms The Chemist (special mention to Tayah’s Mum, Michelle)

Our Blooms The Chemist team is proud to be a truly community-minded pharmacy, providing the highest level of professional health service and advice to members of your school community.  We a very happy to support you with the donation of 100 bottles of 250ml hand sanitiser, valued at $750.00.


This week we celebrated International Cleaners day with a breakfast for our team of dedicated cleaners.  They have done an amazing job keeping us safe during COVID 19 and have all worked above and beyond.  THANK YOU 



L-R:  Clive Emby, Principal; Leonie Beetham Manager Corporate Services; Babita Callychurn; John Purcell; Miguel Valladares (CIC); Sophie Bowra; Laura Beetham














Positive Behaviours

Week 9:    I respond quickly to signals and instructions

Week 10:  I am on time, organised and ready to learn

Clive Emby