From the Principal

Greetings All!

We have had a small but hardworking group here over the last couple of weeks. At the moment we are working hard to cater for the present strange situation that we find ourselves in, as well as preparing for a Term 2 that might take on a few different shapes. It is a possibility that we may jump between models fairly quickly or be working on a model that hasn’t been predicted yet.

We are working on the most probable model which is that  “Education is Open”, but most students are still at home.

We are developing a Distance Education framework that the students can work with.








‘Distance Education’ will include:

  • Whole of school processes including weekly assemblies
  • A daily welcome message from the teacher
  • Activities for the morning based around Literacy and Numeracy
  • Activities for the afternoon based around the remaining Learning Areas
  • Access to specialist teachers continuing from Term 1.
  • One on one time for the students with teachers every week
  • Student /parent teacher conferences every fortnight as required
  • One on one time for some students with education assistants

We will be sending home information/guides on how to access the Distance Education process. You will receive a link in Connect.

Please have a look / experiment with Connect and WebEx over the holidays.

End of Term Excursion to School!

Good Bye Drive by

Dear Leeming Primary School Students (Parents and Care Givers)  We miss you and would love to see you again before we break for holidays!

On Thursday, we would like parents/carers to drive students past the school so we can wave and see their faces…and you can see ours.

Date: Thursday, 9th April

Time: 2pm

Route: Enter Meharry Road from the West (Findlay Road end) travel East, past the school and turn left into Burnett Ave. You may like to take another lap. Make sure you turn left into Westminster Rd and left into Burnette Ave.

Please do not stop your car and definitely do not exit your car, or allow your child to do so. You probably would like to have your windows open.

We can’t wait to see you!

Love from Everyone who works at Leeming Primary School.