From the Principal

From The Principal

Wow, hasn’t it been hot! The students and staff have been doing a great job despite a healthy run of hot weather. We are very lucky to have the air-conditioning, as we also seem to have lost the Fremantle Doctor. The students have been encouraged to keep hydrated and we have a good time after lunch to do our Mindfulness and calm down. We have been forced to put the Loose Parts play on hold, as it is too hot for the students to pack away the equipment into the sea container in the afternoons.

2019 Annual School Report

The 2019 annual report is now available. It summarises the performance of the school, areas of strength and areas that we are looking at developing moving forward. There will shortly be hard copies available in the front office and on the school website (following School Board approval).


We are continuing our practice of using and teaching mindfulness in the school. The students are showing that this is an incredibly powerful tool for them to have at their disposal, that can assist them in a range of situations. At our Monday morning ‘Behaviour’ assemblies we are going to start introducing a mindfulness practice technique for the week. We will also have a go at practising the skill all together.

Public School Review

All Western Australian public schools are reviewed every three years by the Department of Education’s Public School Accountability directorate. A review gives assurance to the local community, the Minister for Education and Training and the Director General that a school is operating effectively and delivering high quality education to its students. The review acknowledges the achievements of the school and gives feedback to support the Principal and staff with their improvement planning. The Principal provides the review team with a self-assessment of the school’s performance based on evidence gathered by the Principal and staff. Information validated by the review team is considered before and during the school visit. This forms the basis for the school review report. The report is provided to the Principal, the Chair of the School Board and the Regional Office.


  • Relationships and Partnerships
  • Learning Environment
  • Leadership
  • Use of Resources
  • Teaching Quality
  • Student Achievement and Progress

Leeming Primary School is scheduled for review in Term 4 and we will be using a variety of methods including surveys to involve the community in this process.


Good hand hygiene is an effective tool to help with the control of any bugs. We are going to do a reminder on this at school using the following advice from the World Health Organisation.

How do I wash my hands properly?

Washing your hands properly takes about as long as singing “Happy Birthday” twice,
using the images below.











Leeming SHS Academic Extension Program

The Academic Extension Program is a school-based enrichment program which offers academically oriented students a range of learning experiences to meet their specific talents. We provide an extension program in the areas of English and HASS.

Every child should receive a challenging and enriched curriculum but for academically oriented students, lateral extension is not enough.  The Leeming Senior High School Academic Extension Program provides an enriching curriculum which is differentiated in the pace, level and degree of abstraction.

We aim to:

  • Create a climate where students can take risks and make mistakes.
  • Establish a positive working environment.
  • Scaffold learning through explicit criteria frameworks.
  • Negotiate and engagement with collaborative learning.
  • Value and promote intellectual pursuit.
  • Construct a relevant and connected curriculum.
  • Facilitate student learning.
  • Encourage students to achieve excellence.

The teachers working in the program make a commitment to provide a challenging teaching/learning program.  The success of the program can be measured in the number of students who have achieved an ATAR ranking above 90.

Leeming Senior High School Prospectus

Specialist Academic Programs Policy

Enrolment Links:

2021 Enrolment form for the Academic Extension Program will be published by the end of Week 4, Term 1.


We now have an account with TerraCycle to recycle the Bunch O Balloons from our water fun day. 



Ready for recycling.











Positive Behaviours

Week 5:  I proudly wear my uniform

Week 6:  I initiate and respond to greetings