From the Principal

From The Principal – Fortnightly updates

The first newsletter of the Year! I hope that everyone had a relaxing and positive holiday break. It is good to be back for a new year and see so many happy new faces. We have had some new families join us, so please make them welcome.


We have had some changes in staffing. Mr Kellow will be working with Mrs Sutton in Room 10. Ms Thomson will be working with Mrs Thomas in Room 1 / 2.

At the end of 2019 Ms Christine Russell decided to retire after many long years of service to the Leeming PS community.  We hope that she enjoys her retirement. In Term 1 the KindyB class position is being filled by Ms Alison Oliver, with a permanent replacement being appointed this term.  Ms Natalie Hall will be undertaking the support role in the Pre Primary classes for Term 1.  Mrs O’Dowd has been permanently appointed to Room 7 (Yr 2) and is a skilled and welcome addition to our staff.

Our special needs Education Assistant, Ms Riddle, has followed Jack up to the high school.

Mr Harvey (long time staff member. who is now retired) is volunteering some of his time. He will be working with some of the senior students assisting with their maths.


The virus is making news headlines and there are updates coming fairly regularly. At this stage it is a matter of making sure that you keep updated. The risk is still very low in WA and hopefully this issue becomes less and less serious.

Nature play

This year we will be holding Nature play (bush cubbies) on a Tuesday lunchtime. Children get the opportunity to play with their environment, build and play in a slightly less restricted manner. Along with the extra fun comes the trade-off of a possible few more injuries and splinters. If this is something that concerns you, please let us know and you can ask for your child to be exempt from these activities. Alongside of this is the ‘looseparts’ play sea container, this will be opened every Thursday and this year we are going to let all children who wish to, use the equipment. We are still in need of some new gear, so if you have any clean, recyclable/ buildable materials please donate them.


Unfortunately, we are having a spate of vandalism in the school. Over the holidays we had louvers smashed in the library several times and doors kicked in.  Apart from the waste of money it is also very time consuming for the cleaners and gardener. The Department has a service that can be called, please callSchool Watch on 1800 177 777 or Police on 131 444 if you observe anything of a suspicious nature in the school after hours, or on the weekend. This will enable the security personnel to respond.










Positive Behaviours

Week 3:  I am on time , organised and ready to learn

Week 4:  I follow the instructions of staff.