From the Principal

From The Principal – Fortnightly updates

With just three weeks to go, everyone is working hard to make the end of the year a positive success. I am looking forward to the end of the year activities and to celebrate another fantastic school year.


It has been a pleasure reading a large number of the students reports. They have completed a lot of work this semester and it seems that most students have reasons to be happy with their reports.

Premier’s Visit

The Premier and our local member Yaz Mubarakai ‘s visit was recently reported in our local paper. It was an honour to have both members here. They were greeted at our front gate by our head students Hayley and Lachlan.







Our head students have done a fantastic job this year and they are coming to the end of their term. Speeches have finished, elections have been held and votes counted. At the Year six graduation, the next head students will be announced.

Class Allocations for 2020 and Transition Day

After a rigorous process, the class allocations for next year are almost complete and they will be sent (emailed) home on Friday.  Although it has been hard to complete at this stage, we have undertaken this process to enable us to conduct our own transition morning (Tuesday December 10th) to coincide with the day that the most of the Yr 6 students are undertaking transition at Leeming SHS.  Students will meet in the undercover area and then go to their classes for next year. It enables them to meet some of their new classmates, teachers and familiarise themselves with their new classroom.  We had very positive feedback last year and we are hoping that this will become a new tradition for Leeming PS.

Although parent preferences were taken into account, they weren’t always able to be met, as there were many other factors to consider. I apologise if there are any disappointments.  Our staffing process is still not complete, so there are still a couple of classes with un-named teachers at this stage.

Next year there is also an increased possibility that this model might need adjusting if student numbers vary at the start of the year. (We have had 6 new enrolments this week!)

Positive Behaviour Strategies

It is going to be a fun and wet end to term with the senior school enjoying the water reward day. It has been organised by the fantastic Ms Thomas to give the students something to look forward to and work towards.








Positive Behaviours:

Week 9:    I model good behaviour without direct supervision

Week 10:  When things go wrong I talk truthfully about it

Uniforms – 2020

We have been transitioning the new uniforms into Leeming Primary School during 2019, the old uniform will be obsolete commencing 03 February 2020 and therefore should not be worn anymore.  The P&C are collecting old uniforms to send oversea’s via a charity (Rotary).  Please ensure you are ready to go in the new year with the new uniform.

Water Fun Day

Wednesday 18th December.  Volunteers and Donations  Click here for all the details.

WANTED: Volunteers and Water Balloon Donations (Zuru Bunch O Balloons). Please send to Room 11 by Monday 16th December.

Thank you – Melissa Thomas 4/5 Teacher

End of Year Events

Tuesday 10th December – Leeming Senior High School Transition Day

Tuesday 10th December – Leeming Primary School Class Transition Morning

Monday 16th December – End of Year Concert 5.30pm-6.30pm 

Wednesday 18th December – Water Fun Day 

Thursday 19th December – Graduation Assembly 9.00am

Thursday 19th December – Graduation Dinner (Year 6’s) 6.30pm – 9.30pm (Melville Glades Golf Course)

Thursday 19th December – Last day of School

Friday 20th December – Students not required to attend

Tuesday 28th January 2020 – Booklist Collection Day 8.00am – 9.30am (Undercover Area)

Monday 3rd January 2020 – Students return to school