From the Principal

From The Principal – Fortnightly updates

We have had a great start to term 4 and we are looking forward to a great end of the year. Student behaviour has been positive and there is still a lot of great work being done.

 Mobile Phones

This week, the State Government announced a new Student Mobile Phones in Public Schools Policy to take effect from the start of Term 1, 2020.

The policy requires all public schools to implement a ban on the use of mobile phones for all students from the time they arrive at school to the end of the school day.  This extends to the use of smart watches which need to be on airplane mode during this period.  The policy aims to reduce distractions in class and improve student engagement. 

In the policy, primary students are not permitted to have a mobile phone in their possession. If they bring a mobile phone to school, appropriate storage will be determined by the school. Secondary students are permitted to have their phones in their possession, but must turn them off and keep them out of sight.  This is a minimum requirement and does not preclude schools from putting in place further restrictions.

Exceptions are allowed for students who have approval from me to use a phone to monitor health conditions or where teachers give students permission to use mobile phones for a specific purpose.  If a student needs to contact a parent/carer, they can do so through the school’s administration. Likewise, if a parent/carer needs to get a message to their child, they can call the school.

I will now work with staff to determine how we will implement this policy and then provide further information to you and the school community.

If you have any queries or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact me by telephone, email or at school.

2020 Staffing

At this moment some of our positions for next year are still up in the air. One staff member who won’t be returning is Ms Lapthorne who has made the tough decision to return to Melbourne. We will miss her positive impact around the school and thank her for her efforts here.

Positive Behaviour Strategies (PBS)

Each Monday we meet to discuss the behaviour of the week.  This week’s behaviour is:

“I follow the instructions of staff”.

This goes a little wider at the moment as we are hosting  a group of student teachers. This is part of our commitment to developing teachers for the future.

We are also building towards a positive reward at the end of term. Ms Thomas has kindly agreed to run a water fun day again. At this stage all students are welcome. If any student’s behaviour drops, they will lose their invitation and will just have a normal day at school.

Class Allocations

Each year the school undertakes a thoughtful and considered process for the establishment of classes and the allocation of students to those classes. The process considers:

  • Maximum class sizes (sometimes creating split classes)
  • Gender balance
  • Ability balance
  • Siblings
  • Social groupings

This process provides balanced classes and a balanced school.

As part of clear processes, we also like to provide parents with the opportunity to bring to our attention any issues that may be pertinent. We may be able to consider this in class allocations.  Please return any requests for consideration by using this allocation preference request to the front office by no later than 19 November

The model below is a predicted model for 2020. Models can change according to the number and make up of students who are actually enrolled in January 2020. Reconfiguration of the number and structure of the classes does happen occasionally. 

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Thanking You









Positive Behaviours

Week 5:   I proudly wear my uniform

Week 6:   I initiate and respond to greetings