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From The Principal – Fortnightly updates

Term 3 Blues!

In my opinion Term 3 is the toughest term of the year. We have winter colds and flu’s that cycle repetitively through the classes. It is a busy term with lots of things needing to be completed. We also have winter days with a shorter hours of sunshine which can cause people to be a bit sad. It is the third term of the year, so people are starting to get a little weary and there is no big holiday coming yet. Next term everyone picks up with the end of the year celebrations, Xmas and sunshine. All in all, these last 3 weeks can be a grind!

In such a situation it can be easy to get a bit snappy with each other, not be as tolerant or kind to each other as we normally are. It is however, the time when we need it the most!

Let’s be mindful, considerate and extra patient with each other and I will try and lead by example.

Open Night

Next week Thursday September 19 between 5:00pm and 6:00pm, the school is holding its annual Open Night. It is our way of reporting to parents in Term 3 and gives parents an opportunity to see what has been happening in class. The teachers will have on display some of the great work that has been going on. Please keep in mind that some of the great work happens in the processes and the thinking along the way. Students will be encouraged to explain to parents what they have been doing and be a guide through the room. Teachers will be there to assist, but it is not really the place for a long conversation about an issue. Please watch the time as we will be closing doors fairly promptly. There is an open School Board meeting following the open night.

School Board Open Meeting

Following the Open Night, the School Board will be holding a meeting from 6:15pm to 7:15pm. This is a normal meeting where the agenda has been prepared to look at the new business plan, the Board’s own plan and other topics. This meeting is open to all to come and see how the Board works.

Collection of recyclables

Two of our classes are collecting different materials. These products are being collected and sent on for great causes. Rm ¾ (Ms Murray) is collecting bread bag tags these can be dropped off at their class Why do we want them?

  1. Because they can’t be properly recycled and are ending up in landfill, causing harm to our native wildlife and wreaking havoc on the marine environment.
  2. Because a charity called Bread Tags For Wheelchairs is reusing them for wonderful things!

Rm 8 (Mrs Uden) is collecting the tops of bottles (soft bendy ones like milk tops)

These are being recycled to make prosthetic hands. The company is called Envision Hands.







Thank you for helping us with these great initiatives that help involve the students in positive initiatives.


We are half way through swimming and it is great to see the students embracing the lessons and making progress. There are a lot of timetabling and organisational challenges around this program and Ms Thomson does a great job of coordinating it.

Fathers’ Day

On Friday 30 August Cluster 2 held a Fathers’ Day breakfast at the school. It is a lovely event and so nice to see so many Dads, Granddads and occasional ‘stand-in’ Dads here. A big thankyou to all of the staff for their hard work in making this a success.







Cybersafety and Photographs

An urgent reminder for parents and third party contractors

Cyber Safety sessions are often structured around how you can help your child, and what a child should not be doing on social media. However, this is about you.

Sharing photos or video content filmed onsite at school or a school event on social media may cause serious privacy issues for other students.

Parents and third-party contractors are not authorised to use such images unless specific permissions are signed by the parents of each child appearing on that party’s social media accounts. 

Allowing third parties to use images of children to promote their business on social media is rarely included in media release documentation provided to parents and signed each year (or in some cases only when first enrolled).

This is not the decision of the school to say it is ok unless parents have signed off on what is advertising using their child’s image. This may become a duty of care issue for a school.

In the eyes of the law, a school is considered a private place, and the Principal is regarded as the manager of that private place. When a media release document is signed, and in place, Students, Parents, and Third-Party contractors need the express permission of a Principal before publishing any photos taken onsite at the school, or just outside the school, in uniform, on excursions, etc. This includes posting on social media and why there is “no publish” lists in most schools.

Students also need to be continuously reminded that taking photos of their friends at school and posting them to Snapchat, Instagram etc. is publishing without the consent and can cause issues from a duty of care perspective if the photo is taken wearing school uniform, onsite at the school, tagged into the school or on an excursion. Students often do not understand the importance of privacy as in many cases; they have never had it with everything since their first ultrasound photo published on social media by their parents.

We were recently made aware of a case where a child who was relocated with their family in a witness protection program was photographed at their new school by a parent during assembly and published on a community social media page. Custody issues, DV, etc. also need to be considered.

Most schools are fine with you taking photos up close of your child only,  but please be aware that you do not know what is happening in the lives of the children in the background.

Please feel free to share this information in your school newsletters. We always appreciate a link to or our Facebook page

Thanking You








Positive Behaviours

Week 9:      I model good behaviour with direct supervision

Week 10:    When things go wrong i talk about it truthfully.

Lost Property

Our lost property box is overflowing and items need to be returned home.  Please check lost property box in the undercover area, any remaining items will be disposed of at the end of the term.


Japanese Calligraphy Competition

Students from Rooms 1, 3, 10, and 11 recently participated in the Japanese Language Teachers’ Association of Western Australia (JLTAWA)’s 2019 Calligraphy competition. Students tried their hand at writing the kanji character watashi (which means ‘me’ or ‘I’ in English) using a calligraphy brush and ink.

The following students’ work has been selected to represent Leeming Primary School in the 2019 JLTAWA Calligraphy Competition:

  • Year 4 – Yeseul Kim (Room 11)
  • Year 5 – Callum Alberti (Room 11)
  • Year 6 – Ebony Wynne (Room 1)

Their work will compete against other students in the same year group, from other participating schools. Minasan, ganbatte!

Heald Sensei








House Cross-Country 2019

On the 7th of August this term we had all students in years 3-6 compete in the annual Leeming Primary House Cross Country. We were lucky with the weather as we had a beautiful sunny winters day with no sign of rain the whole day. 

All students who competed in their run were given participation points towards their faction for the Athletics Carnival later this term.

We had a great day out there with some extremely close photo finishes in two of the year groups. The quickest time of the day for the Year 3 and 4’s was Max Maley with 4:31.37 and the fastest for the Year 5 and 6’s was Lucas Sinkora with 8:00.72.

Thank you to Glenn for setting up the finish line. Thank you to my sports captains for helping me with student places and times. Thank you to the parents who came out to support their children. Thank you to the teachers for standing out on their points around the school for a long time.

Taylah Holsgrove

Year 3: Girls: 1st: Sarah Cartwright 2nd Melody Razavi Manesh 3rd Meerab Iqbal 4th Matilda Hanlon
Boys: 1st Rohan Braid 2nd Alex Rodgers 3rd Jayce Smoult 4th Evan Legge









Year 4: Girls: 1st Emily Wilson 2nd Matilda Birkbeck 3rd Leila Gibson 4th Alice Cosmelli
Boys: 1st Max Maley 2nd Zavier Argent  3rd Elijah Dallard 4th Archer Forbes









Year 5: Girls: 1st Amberley Penman 2nd Abby Smart 3rd Sophia Lee Forooghi 4th Indi lee
Boys: 1st Lucas Sinkora 2nd Tanatswa Masvaure 3rd Ben Meinema 4th Jay Jones









Year 6: Girls: 1st Holly Yates 2nd Natalie De Souza 3rd Olivia Clifton 4th Hayley Gibson
Boys: 1st Jacob Korneder 2nd Noah Joyce 3rd Mitchell Hargrave 4th Lachlan Braid









Race photos (credit to Jane Gedge)