From the Principal

From The Principal – Fortnightly updates

We have had a great term and I hope that you have seen your child progress in many areas. The written report is a small snapshot of everything that has been going on and should not be a surprise for you. Please remember that students don’t all progress neatly in a similar pattern. Some take a little longer to grasp concepts and some students are ready earlier than others.  Reports are available online via Connect this Friday 5th July.  When you log on to Connect, go to ‘My Children’ and Reports.  If you have issues viewing reports on your phone, you will have success accessing the reports on a computer.   Please contact the school on 9266 6700 or email if you are having any difficulty accessing / need your Connect login details resent.

Term 3 is busy again! Each year we try and make it as quiet as we can, but a lot seems to happen in Term 3. It is part of our ongoing efforts to make school fun and interesting for students. It also allows students to develop a range of important skills (i.e. swimming) that will hold them in good stead for their whole lives. If the constant activities are causing any stress please maintain good communication with the school and we will assist where we are able.


I hope you have a great holiday.  If you are stuck for activities Natureplay WA has ideas and lists of some Natureplay playgrounds around the Perth area

School Development Day

On Monday 22 July the staff will be participating in a range of activities. We will be working through some activities to develop the school’s next Business Plan. We are also completing some well-being activities. We have established and Health and Well-being committee and are looking at ways of keeping the staff in a positive mental state throughout the year.

Road Crossings

Recently both children’s road crossings on Farrington Avenue were reviewed by the Children’s Crossing Unit of the WA Police Force. It was noted that neither crossing met the criteria (number of student usage) Despite this this committee decided to keep the crossings open. I would encourage all families who need to cross the road to take advantage of the Wardens, as this decision to remain open may not occur again if they are not being used by the community.






Business Plan

The School Board advises the school on its strategic direction, this is delivered through the school’s Business Plan. The current plan comes to a conclusion at the end of this year.  This document sets out targets to be reached in 5  focus areas, in each area there are milestone targets set for each year. The new plan will also set a direction forward and ways to measure progress towards those targets. If you have opinions /ideas as to where you think the school should be heading or areas of focus that would improve the school, please contact your School Board members and provide them with feedback.

Thanking You










Positive Behaviours

Week 1    I have a go and do my best everything.

Week 2    I respond quickly to signals and instructions.

Musica Viva – Dr Stovepipe

Dr Stovepipe from Musica Viva on Friday 28/06/19, here is some feed back by our students who wrote to Dr Stovepipe about the performance:

Dear Dr. Stovepipe I would thank you for coming to perform at our Primary school today. The performance was astonishing and I enjoyed it very much. I liked the part when Dr Ed played the electric guitar and I loved the violin/fiddle. I like superheroes and was very surprised to hear you play the ‘Spiderman’ theme song, it got my attention straight away. I love the story you told at the end. Thank you again for coming and have a safe ?ight back to Canberra. From Jack

Dear Dr Stovepipe, I really enjoyed the concert and would love it if you could come again. I liked your Time Machine idea. It was hilarious. The way you entertained us with all of you great and funny ideas was awesome. My favourite idea was the human, orange juice, apple and potato jam, YUM! It was also hilarious when Dr Jim put on the sunglasses and started playing the rock’n roll. I liked it how you can play lots of different styles of music from all the different decades. My favourite song was the June Apple song. The runner up was de?nitely Making it up because it was a bright & joyful song. It was funny to watch my teacher been embarrassed by dancing when the rock’n roll music!! My favourite instrument was the double bass because it ca be played as a percussion instrument. I am very happy that you spent some of your time performing wonderful music. I loved practising your folk dances in music class. We have been practising all your songs as well. I thought that the story was a good idea. I liked your idea of the blue sheet and the boat. I hope that you get home safely to Canberra. It was the best music viva I’ve seen. Yours sincerely, Jos

Dear Dr Stovepipe, I loved your performance! I moved to Leeming last year so I have already seen one musica viva before, but yours is de?nitely the best I have seen so far. It was my favourite because it was country-like, funny and unique in its own way. I specially liked the instruments you performed with. My favourite bit was when the teachers started dancing. My favourite song was June Apple. I actually wrote words to go with June Apple with my friends. You did not sing it with the song unfortunately. The songs were still great. My favourite verses was the one about the football. That one was hilarious! The other group of verses about the hungry black cat was great too. Overall, I thought your performance was great. I hope you will come again and have a safe trip to Canberra tonight. Sincerely, Sophia.

Dear Dr. Stovepipe,
I really enjoyed your concert this morning and would love to see more of you at our school. I was absolutely blown away with your topic of music through time and history. The whole thing was totally amazing and it was so much more than I expected.
The way you entertained us and allowed us to join in with your music was magical. An example of this is when you got four students to think of things to put in your sandwich. Having a person, orange, apple and potato jam in a sandwich is VERY WEIRD.
My favourite part was when you went back to the 1950s of rock’n’roll. Although there was one part better! The part where you made the teachers dance, of coarse!!! My favourite instrument was the ?ddle slowly tailed by the double base. I also liked how you put some facts into your performance. The fact that made me like the ?ddle was that you can play so many styles and so many sounds. Thank you so much for coming to our school and spending your time for our pleasure. I feel so grateful that you have come to our school. I hope to see you again!  Kind Regards, Kobi P