From The Principal

Last week the staff undertook the very difficult role of creating the class lists for next year. There was a lot of preparation, thought and discussion to produce classes that are balanced and meet the needs of as many students as possible.

Thank you to the parents who submitted placement recommendations. These have been taken into account and most of the time we are able to use this information in a positive manner. I apologise to the few parents, whose requests were unable to be met for a variety of reasons.

We have run this process a little earlier this year but family letters will go home at the same time as there may be a need for last minute adjustments.

1:1 Laptop Programme

 In the next few weeks we will be sending a letter home to this year’s Year 3’s regarding our Laptop programme. We are hoping that as many as students as possible take up the opportunity to be involved. We will also hold an information session for any parents who would like more information. This has been running successfully in the school for a decade and the school has gone from being a ‘lighthouse’ to one of many who now offer this programme.


 I am pleased to announce that we have arranged for Ms Rebecca Sharrock to  re-join our staff on a permanent basis in 2018. She has taken up the offer to work part-time in the classroom and to run our Phys. Ed programme on alternate days.

A big thank you to Ms Thomas for running the programme this year. She has made the tough decision to concentrate on being a fulltime classroom teacher.

Next year the school will be running with increased numbers and as such we will be running two programmes within the Kindergarten building. Mrs Lynch will continue with her programme on Monday, Tuesday, alternate Wednesdays and Mrs Russell will be re-joining us from some extended leave to run the other programme;  Thursdays and Fridays an alternate Wednesdays.


Next Year is the first year that schools will be reporting in the area of Technologies. This incorporates both Design and Technology and Digital Technologies. As you will see we have been covering this area under a variety of names previously, but this will be the first time that we will be reporting to parents under this banner.

To assist adjusting to the new Curriculum I have attached some information and readings.

Thanking You