From the Principal


Term 1 has raced along and we are coming up to the holidays. Have a great and relaxing break and we will see you back on Monday 29 April

School Development Day

Next term we have moved the School Development Day to Tuesday June 4. This means an extra-long weekend in the middle of the term. It also means students return for Term 2 on the first Monday 29th April 2019.

Parent Interview night

Last week the school ran its parent meeting night. The evening went very well and teachers had the opportunity to spend some short but quality time with parents. Hopefully, it was enough time to get a picture of how your child is travelling and an area for improvement. We are doing this now because there is time to work together to sees improvements before next term’s official reports. Thank you parents for your active and positive participation.







Glory Girls Football

This Thursday the senior girls will be representing the school at the Glory Girls cup. We wish them well and thank you to Ms Holsgrove for training and managing them on the day.

 ANZAC Service

On Friday April 12 at 9.00am we will be holding our ANZAC service at school. Parents are welcome to join us. Students are requested NOT to wear their faction colours on Friday please.

Thanking You


Just in Case 









Positive Behaviours

Term 2

Week 1            “I have a go and do my best at Everything”

Week 2            “I respond quickly to signals and instructions”

PE update: SEDA Football (Soccer) clinics

Dear Parents,

During Tuesday of Weeks 8 and 9 this term for Physical Education class I invited the SEDA Football students down to run some clinics for students in Years 1 to 6.

I asked their SEDA supervisor/teacher to tailor these clinics to my PE program. The classes who participated in the Week 8 Tuesday sessions were focusing on their passing, dribbling and game play. Those who participated in the week 9 Tuesday sessions focused on shooting and game play.

This was a great experience for the Leeming primary students to be able to extend their knowledge, skills and experience of Football. Not only did our students enjoy this but the SEDA students also took away great aspects from these clinics, with our students demonstrating great behaviour standards for their first clinics of the year.

The feedback I received from the students was positive and great to hear. Examples of these were “That was awesome, when are they coming back” and “I really enjoyed it, I scored three goals in that game”.  At the end of each session the SEDA students questioned each class on what they had learnt from their clinic. Some of these were “I learnt to use the inside of my foot when I kick”, “I learnt how to play soccer” and “I learnt how to be a Goaler” (they meant Goal keeper).

As this was so successful I hope to welcome back the SEDA Football students at the end of the year as our students were so keen to do it again.

Below are some photos from the two days of clinics.

Thank you,
Taylah Holsgrove
PE Teacher















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