From the Principal

P&C welcome BBQ

On Friday night the P&C kindly put on a BBQ to welcome new families to the school. It was a lovely evening and the event went very well. Families enjoyed having a picnic and a social meet. A big thank you to the P&C.

Parent Interview night

Following the success of last year’s event, we are repeating the parent interview night on April 3. It is a great opportunity to get a succinct update on how your child/ren has started the year and what they can be doing better. This event is timed so that there is time for students and families to make changes before Term 2 reports.

Each teacher will be prepared with information specifically related to your child and we will make the most of every second. Please assist by being ready and on time for your ‘slot’ and not taking up anyone else’s time. If there are issues that need further discussion, please make an appointment with the teacher.

Please use the online booking system to secure a time slot. Click here to access the PT Online Booking system.

Before /after school supervision

Just a reminder to families that although staff may be on site, we offer no supervision of students before 8:30 and after 3:15. If families need to make arrangements outside of these time slots it is important that you are aware of the hours of supervision and have a discussion with your child regarding what they can and cannot do and where they cannot play.

Loose parts Play

Our loose parts play has been running well for a couple of years now but is in need of an update/refresh. We are going to get a skip bin and throw away a lot of the gear that has been well used but is past its best. In line with this process we will be desperately needing replacement equipment. If you have any / or access to recyclable materials can you please bring them in. We will store them in the old undercover area until required.

Thanking You












Positive Behaviours:

Week 9 –  “I model good behaviour without direct supervision.”

Week 10 – “When things go wrong I talk about it truthfully.”


National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence – Pyjama day 

On Friday 15th March, our school had a pyjama day. It was Anti Bully Week. The whole school was in the undercover area watching a movie.  Mrs Squeo set it up for us.

First, we came to school in our pyjamas and brought a gold coin each to raise funds for the sick kids at Radio Lollipop. I wore my favourite Pikmi Pop pyjamas.

Next, we did maths and a spelling test.  Then it was time for lunch. I had sausage rolls and yoghurt. After, it was time for the movie. We lined up and walked to the undercovered area.  We sat down at the back on the left hand side. Mrs Uden handed us some popcorn but I saved them until the middle of the movie. The movie was great. It was called ‘The Ant Bully’. It was about a boy who hated ants.

Finally, the movie was over. We talked about no bullying and how much money was raised. Altogether, we raised $400.90. I was amazed!

I had a fantastic day in my pyjamas!

By Matilda H