From The Principal


The community survey closed last Friday and we will spend a few days analysing the results. We will share the outcomes in different forums including the Annual Report (which will be published in Term 1 2019)

Staff Appreciation Morning Tea

Last Thursday the staff were very surprised and honoured to be treated to a fantastic morning tea. Our lovely parent group took the time to thank the staff for their efforts. Everyone was very appreciative of the gesture and the food! At this time of year, it is a positive reminder that peoples’ efforts are noticed. Thanks!

2019 Class processes and lists / Transition

 This year we have been trialling some new processes. On Tuesday 27 November the majority of our Yr 6 students will be attending a Transition Day at Leeming SHS.

We are going to take the opportunity to do a transition day for the rest of the school. This will enable students to spend a day with their new class and teacher. This will better prepare the students for a smooth start to next year and for the school to start ‘running’ from day 1.

There are some finer details still being sorted, but on the day the students will meet up with their class mates and spend a day in their new class, with their new teacher.

This process will not include next year’s Kindergarten and Mrs Lynch will help the admin with Yr 1/6 students who are leaving Leeming Primary School to attend other schools in 2019.

To enable this to occur students will be receiving their class allocation letters ~ Week 7.

A lot of time, effort and thought have gone into the class lists and it is unlikely that any changes will be considered. The majority of parental requests were able to be met but not 100%.

The school feels that the potential benefits outweigh some potential negatives. (This includes the possibility that a model change might mean some students will have altered teachers in 2019)

Thanking You