From The Principal

Welcome back to Term 4. The days are getting longer and we have had a taste of the changing seasons. I hope that you had a great holiday and we look forward to a busy but rewarding last term for the year.


Every two years the school surveys the community, staff and senior students. It provides us with valuable feedback on how we are going. This can help us with celebrating strengths and focussing upon any areas that may need improvement. Please take the opportunity to complete the survey when it is released.

2019 Class Preferences

Each year the school undertakes a thoughtful and considered process for the establishment of classes and the allocation of students to those classes. The process considers:

  • Maximum class sizes (sometimes creating split classes)
  • Gender balance
  • Ability balance
  • Siblings
  • Social groupings

This process provides balanced classes and a balanced school.

As part of clear processes, we also like to provide parents with the opportunity to bring to our attention any issues that may be pertinent. We may be able to consider this in class allocations. Please send your requests to the front office or by email to There is also a limited supply of paper copy request forms available from the front office or click here to view the request form.

The model below is a predicted model for 2019. Models can change according to the number and make up of students who are actually enrolled in January 2019. Reconfiguration of the number and structure of the classes does happen occasionally.

K K/PP PP/1 1 1 2 2/3 3 3/4 4/5 5/6 5/6
  8/8/12 22 /4       14/7 28 4/26 16/14 9/20 10/20
20 20


26     20 20 21 21 28 30 30 29 30
K ECE1 ECE2 Rm 5 Rm 6 Rm 7 Rm 8 Rm 9 Rm 10 Rm 11/12 Rm 3/4 Rm 1/2
  Ms Nicholson Mrs Kidd Mrs Squeo Mrs Fuller (Term 1) Ms Lapthorne Mrs Uden Ms Sharrock Ms Thomson Mrs Sutton Mr D’Mello Ms Thomas Ms Murray Mrs Thomas

Mr D’Mello

Thank you

Clive Emby