From the Principal

Welcome to the last newsletter for Term 2.

It has been a positive term and I thank everyone for their efforts in making it successful. It has been great to see our Story Dogs program getting some positive media. A big thank you to Mrs Williams who constantly works hard to improve the library and make things better for our students. Please click here to hear the ABC Radio Interview of the Story Dog Program at Leeming PS.

One issue that raises it head fairly regularly is that of parking. Unfortunately our school was not designed with a ‘Drop and Kiss’ arrangement and it is very hard to retro-engineer that into our streetscape. As our numbers steadily grow we are going to have more cars to deal with.

Some ideas / preferences / rules:

  • The car park is for staff. As there are staff members starting at a variety of times we need to ensure that there is no mixing of students and cars entering and leaving. Please do not pick up or drop off students in the car park at any time.
  • There are four road sides to the school. Each side provides access to the school. Plan to meet your child at a particular spot.
  • Please do not park on the pavement as it is hard to see small children walking in front or behind your vehicle.
  • Maybe create a mini bus where you pick up students along the way. 
  • Stop and park at the end of the street and encourage your child to walk to meet you. Good for parking as well as fitness!
  • Encourage your child to walk/ride/scooter. Fitness, fitness, fitness!

I don’t want to make a big issue out of this but I am constantly worried about your child/ren’s safety. Please talk to your child about road safety. 

The RAC have created a website to encourage students to learn/embed road safety from an early age. Click here for further information and resources.


Clive Emby