From The Principal

Independent Public School

Over the last couple of weeks I have done quite a few parent tours for prospective parents. When I am talking about being an Independent Public School (IPS) I have often been asked how this has changed the school. It is a good question and I thought that I would share my answer in a wider context.

The change from a School Council to a School Board has been a positive move forward. Although School Council worked hard and well, the agenda was mostly driven by the school and me! Having a School Board with an independent Chair has ensured that there is real and valuable community input into the strategic direction of the school.            

Since becoming IPS we have taken the opportunity to revisit our values, update our logo, signage and uniforms. It is all part of the Board’s vision for the school to be the best it can be and looking professional in all aspects.

Being IPS has enabled us to have increased input in our staffing processes. As a result we have been able to fine tune selection processes to attract staff that best meet our needs.

There is a move currently, to having schools on a more even footing and there will probably become less and less difference between IPS and non IPS schools.

At this week’s Board Meeting Charlotte Bramanis  resigned from the Board to follow exciting opportunities for her family overseas. The Chair positon will be filled in an acting capacity until the end of the year. Next Term we will advertise again for the vacancy on the board. The new Chair will be selected by the board from the board.

Charlotte has been an integral part of the school’s development over the last few years. The process of being selected for IPS was rigorous. Charlotte was a key component of our successful bid and worked very hard representing the school community. Since that period she has chaired the board very professionally and the Board is in a good place.

On a personal note I have appreciated working alongside Charlotte and amongst the work, we have shared many a laugh. I wish her luck in her endeavours and thank her for her hard work.


 At the moment teachers are working hard preparing reports for the end of Semester 1. They are a reflection of how your child is travelling and shouldn’t be a surprise. 

In Term 3 we will be holding our Open Night as a celebration of work completed.

Thanking You