From The Principal


This year we were part of the trial of online NAPLAN. The Year 3’s and 5’s undertook the test using computers rather than pen and paper. I am pleased to report that  the process went smoothly with very few hiccups. It will be great to get student results back a little earlier this year to help with directing learning.              


 After acquiring our IPS status, the School Board made the big decision to update the school’s uniform and include the updated logo. This is always a big call as the roll out of a new uniform rarely leaves everyone happy with the process. We are trying to do this in such a way, as to minimise the inconvenience to existing or new parents.

At the moment we are selling the new and old uniforms, but at some time we need to have a clear date as to when the new uniform will be expected to be worn by all students. We are trying to give families as much lead in time as we can to prepare and as such have set the date as the start of school 2020.  At that time we will expect that all students will be wearing the new uniform and it will be a minimum requirement for representing the school at events, excursions and in photos.

Over the next 18 months we will be selling the new uniform to give families time to prepare for that date. This term the uniform shop will be selling off the last of the old stock cheaply. Parents who choose to take advantage of this option, need to remember that  they will have to purchase new uniforms within the next 18 months.

The School Board has also made a decision that the uniform for Kindergarten students, as of next year, will be the same red school shirt as the rest of the school.

A big thank you to the P&C for their assistance and flexibility in this matter.

Also just a brief reminder that the colour for shorts is navy blue.

Thanking You