Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) Program

Leeming Primary School strives for a positive, innovative and accountable approach to digital technologies in education. Learning is our focus and we encourage and support it in all students, staff and parents.

To this end, after a lengthy consultation period involving staff, parents and the School Board, we are introducing a fresh BYOD Program with the new Year 4’s in 2021 featuring iPads as the device of choice.  Students already engaged in the MacBook program will continue with full support while future students will fall under our iPad Program.  Year 3 students may also be included if they are in a composite 3/4 class.  Further information can be found here

One of our key learning targets is to use pedagogical practices that effectively integrate technology, both Programs give practical expression to this principle 

Leeming Primary School aims to be a technology rich school integrating technology into all curriculum areas to enhance teaching and learning.

Students will use their devices at school and home, allowing them to create, collaborate and connect; to extend their learning beyond the classroom. The Program aims to promote independent and flexible learning for life long learners.

The Program is not compulsory and the school has a limited number of devices available for students who do not have a personal device. These devices may not be the latest model and may not be taken home.

Winthrop Australia, in consultation with the school, has prepared a Parent Funded Digital Learning Bundle which can be accessed through the Winthrop Australia Portal on the website.  This portal includes recommended accessories and various other options.  Please note that if you purchase devices outside of the range shown here we may not be able to support them on our device management system.  Please contact the school if you require further clarification.

Parents of Year 4, 5 and 6 students who wish to purchase a device for their child may do so through Winthrop Australia’s online portal.

Parents who do not wish to purchase through Winthrop Australia are free to purchase from another supplier, however we ask that you ensure that the specifications of the laptop are as outlined on the Winthrop Australia Online Portal.

If you have any queries about the BYOD Program please contact the school on 9266 6700.