Digital Learning

Why do we have a laptop program?

In May 2008, Education Ministers issued the third Joint Ministerial Statement on ICT in Australian education and training:2008-2011 acknowledging that information and communication technologies “are enabling the change of the curriculum and changing the way students and educators operate, learn and interact”. Ministers have agreed that:

“Australia will have technology enriched learning environments that enable students to achieve high quality learning outcomes and productively contribute to our society and economy.”Joint Ministerial Statement on ICT in Australian education and training: 2008-2011.Realising the national vision. The national vision for ICT in education is school based and complements other initiatives that will prepare schools and the teaching work force for effective 21st Century learning. To help achieve the national vision, the Digital Education Revolution will require coordinated action, not only with regard to ICT, but also in respect of approaches to learning and relationships to the broader community.

In other words a “smart country” is a technologically literate country!

Why have we selected Apple Macbooks?

Firstly they are more reliable and more easily managed in our school setting.

Secondly the software available is specifically designed for the computer and tends to be better integrated.

The Macbook program is offered to Year 4 – 7.

Thirdly in the coming year we will be integrating the use of iPads in the junior area of the school and this will integrate well with the existing MacBook program.