P&C Committee

2019 Leeming Primary School P & C Committee

Back Row (L-R) Junko Gerard, Alanna Birkbeck, Andrea Gray, Tim Skepper, Michelle Redman, Vicky Rose, Angels Gilabert, Yvette Legge, Stacey Gibson 

   Front Row (L-R) Amanda Wilson, Bec Larsen, Clive Emby, Ceri Pass

Absent: Sara Mitchell, Dan Ladle, Tamara Rodgers, Jan Rose, Jennifer de Souza, Zed McAdam, Kelly Arthur

Our Committee

Please welcome the new Leeming Primary School P&C Committee for 2019, as follows:

Principal: Clive Emby

President: Bec Larsen 

Vice President: Dan Ladle 

Secretary: Ceri Pass                                       

Treasurer: Junko Gerard                             

Fundraising Coordinator: Alanna Birkbeck                                 

Uniform Coordinator: Deanne Ladle                                           

School Banking Coordinator: Sara Mitchell                                       

Safety House Coordinator: Andrea Gray                                              

The P & C Committee are focused on supporting our school to provide an environment where our children are given the best opportunity to learn to achieve their best.   The P & C‘s main focus is keeping the community spirit alive by running community events where parents and children can interact.  The P & C will also run fundraising activities throughout the year to help raise money for resources and equipment for our school.

Clive is the Principal of Leeming Primary School.  He is proud of the Leeming School Community and will continue to support the P&C.  He appreciates the support the P&C has offered and continues to offer the school.

Bec joined Leeming Primary School in 2018 and has two of her three children at the school, John in year 3 and Nikki in year 4.  Bec loves the community atmosphere of Leeming Primary School and is keen to help the P & C continue to support the school in any way they can. 

Dan has been a member of the P&C Committee since his son Joshua joined the school in 2014. Dan became Vice President in 2016, and hopes to continue serving in the P&C Committee for the foreseeable future, at least until his daughter, Emilia, starts Kindergarten in 2020.  Dan likes to be part of the decision-making processes that affect the school and wants to make sure his kids get a good education.  He spends his spare time writing books and stories for children and adults.

Ceri has enjoyed being part of the school community, since her eldest daughter started Kindergarten in 2010.  Currently, Ceri has two children at the school, Rohan in year 3, and Lachlan in year 6, and this is her third term as the P&C Committee Secretary.  Ceri’s eldest daughter, Kate, graduated in 2017.

 Junko joined the school community in 2016 and has one of her three children still at school, Sarah in year one.  This is Junko’s first year in the P&C and she has kindly taken on the role of treasurer.  Junko has a background in bookkeeping and is keen to ensure the P&C are sustainable for the future and able to support Leeming Primary School with resources and equipment.

Alanna has been a member of the school community since 2014, with her children, Matilda and Lucas, now in Year 4 and Year 2 respectively. Alanna has been working as a volunteer in a wide range of activities in the school and this year has taken on the role of Fundraising Coordinator.  She wants the school community to achieve great things by giving support and providing helping hands.

Deanne has been a member of the school community since her son started Kindergarten in 2014. She has been involved in various aspects of the school, including class parent rep and a position on the Board and is now volunteering with the P&C in the uniform store

Amanda first joined the school community when her eldest children Lauren and then Benjamin attended the school, and who are now both at university.  Amanda’s youngest daughter, Emily, is now following in their footsteps and is in Year 4.  Amanda has always participated in a range of school community and P&C Committee events over the years, and is responsible for converting the uniform shop to an online system last year.  Amanda is also a Special Education Assistant at the school, so you could say Leeming Primary School runs in her blood!

Angels is in her third year as a member of the P&C Committee, and has been part of the school community since 2011.  Angels has four children, Heidi in Year 10, Emma in Year 8 and Fiona in Year 7 at Leeming Senior High School, and Axel in Year 5 at Leeming PS.  

Andrea joined the P&C Committee when her son Mitchell started kindergarten, in 2016.  She has found it to be a great way to be a part of her local community and also to meet other parents of the school.  Andrea is the Safety House Coordinator for the school, ensuring that programs to build the skills and confidence in children to better manage their personal safety are delivered in the school.  Andrea’s youngest son, Nathan, started kindergarten in 2019.

Michelle joined the school community in 2012, when her eldest daughter Grace started kindergarten.  Since then, Michelle has been an active participant in many fundraising activities at the school, as well the administrator of the Scholastic Book Club for the whole school.  Grace is now in Year 6, and is joined by her younger sister Jessica, in Year 3.  Michelle is also an Early Childhood Teacher at Willetton Primary School.

Tim joined Leeming Primary School Community in 2015 and has Harry who has just started kindy and Darcy in year two.  He has been an active member of the P & C since 2018.

Sara has been a member of Leeming Primary School since her son Thomas started in kindy.  He is now in year two.  Sara is keen to increase the school banking program at LPS to benefit both the children and the school.

Stacey has been a member of the school community since her eldest daughter started kindy in 2012.  She has three girls now at Leeming, Hayley in year 6, Leila in year 4 and Abby in pre-primary. 

Yvette joined the school in 2014 when her eldest son started Kindy.  She now has three children, her son in year 3 and her two girls in pre-primary.  She is a proud Leeming Resident and keen to support the Leeming school community.

Tamara is a proud parent in the Leeming School Community.  She joined LPS in 2015 and has two of her three children at the school, Alex in year 3 and Ryan in year 2.