From the Principal

School Holidays

 I hope that you had a good break and that you have come back recharged for Term 2. Being only 9 weeks it will fly along and we are looking forward to a great term. Welcome to the new students and families joining us.

Holiday Work

Over the holidays we:

  • Had the ‘mounds’ removed from around the trees in the ECE area to reduce trip hazards  for students and staff.
  • Have negotiated with Mulberry Tree for the installation of playground equipment outside Cluster 4. This generous gift provides another piece of quality playground equipment within the school.

New Staff

Welcome to Mr Rykiel D’Mello to the staff. He will be working Monday and Tuesdays with Rm 1/2

Mrs Summers has changed to 3 days a week and Mrs Bradley will be working on the front desk, Thursdays and Fridays this term.

Story Dogs

We are pleased to announce that we have successfully joined into a partnership with Story Dogs. They will be bringing a specially trained dog into the school to work with around 6 of our Junior Primary students. Our special dog will work with the students and listen to them read. We are excited with this new initiative (Thanks Mrs Williams). If you see the dog while you are visiting the school please remember that the dog is ‘working’ just like the guide dogs and should only be patted if the owner allows. Keep an eye out for photos soon!


Online NAPLAN will be undertaken in Weeks 3 and 4. While we are doing some preparation for it, it should be seen as a normal day for the students and we are trying not to stress them too much.

Thanking You


Art Room Antics

Ms Jackson-Betham and our Year 1 students from ECC have been busy creating beautiful masterpieces in art.

Feel free to pop into the office to have a look.

Earth Day Expo Excursion – Rooms 3 and 12

On Friday, 6 April 2018, at 8.50 am, students from Room 3 and 12 hopped on a bus that took them to the Canning River Eco Education Centre (CREEC) at Wilson.  They were super excited! Together with nearly 400 students from nine other primary schools, they participated in the Earth Day Expo, an initiative organised by the City of Canning and the CREEC to raise awareness about sustainability and what we can do to take care of our environment.

First, all the students met for the Welcome to Country ceremony. Next, we had the Captain Clean Up Show.  It was hilarious and some students were invited to the front to demonstrate how to clean the toilet. 

After that, each class of students participated in five rotational activities throughout the day. The activities were mostly hands-on and really fun. For example, we learnt about the problems littering can cause and how we can reduce litter, how native animals survive in their Australian habitats, how to prevent weeds and pests from damaging our native plants and wetlands and how to monitor and help threatened native animals. We also learnt about how the Nyoongar people connect with the river and their surroundings and tried some activities that they used to do in their daily lives such as weaving, fishing, making jewellery out of leaves etc.       

The day finished with a ‘celebration and sharing session’.  Our students were tired but mostly we have become more aware about how everyone can do their part to take care of our environment.