From The Principal


On a very cold day at Lake Leschenaultia , the school’s orienteering team competed strongly against a range of public and private schools. The students did well and we achieved a 3rd, 4th and 9th. The official giving Lachlan a hug is his dad!

School Board

The next School Board meeting is on Thursday September 6th after the Open Night. This is the board’s annual “open” meeting where community members can come along, observe proceedings and join in discussions. However this does not allow you to vote on any motions. The decision was made to schedule it after the Open Night to encourage any families who are here and interested, the opportunity to stay and see how the school board functions.

The meeting will be in the staff room from 6:15pm to  7:30pm

 PATS OARS testing

In week 9 the students  in Years 1-6 will be undertaking Reading Comprehension and Numeracy testing (PATS /OARS) This provides the school with valuable data that we can use to compare and contrast with NAPLAN results.

 Book Week

This was another great success and a big thankyou to everyone for their generosity. A special thankyou to Mrs Williams, our fantastic library officer.


This year the staff have been introducing themselves to mindfulness. It has come from the Health and Wellbeing Committee as a way to help teachers keep their life balanced and manageable in these stressful times. Next year the school is looking at introducing some short mindfulness activities into the school for the students. Over the next few newsletters I will be providing you with a range of information on why we think this is the right thing to do and help inform everyone about what we mean.

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a whole body-mind state of awareness that involves ‘tuning in’ to the present moment, with openness and curiosity, instead of ‘tuning out’ from experience. Mindfulness is a state of being fully awake to life – being aware and undistracted in the present moment. It is about focusing attention on the present, rather than thinking about the past or worrying about the future- which is often our brain’s default mode.

Mindful awareness is something that we all possess and that can be strengthened through practice. Mindfulness can be developed through formal sitting meditation practices, or through informal everyday mindfulness activities that use the senses to anchor the attention: such as mindful walking, listening to music, eating or conversation. Mindfulness is a clinically proven tool to support wellbeing and mental health by reducing stress and allowing life to be experienced more fully.

Why practise being mindful?

The way we interact with our kids has a huge impact on the way they think about themselves and their levels of personal resilience. Ellen Langer and team, a world-renowned mindfulness researcher found that children not only prefer to interact with mindful adults, but actually devalue themselves following interactions with mindless adults (Langer, Cohen & Djikic, 2010).

The benefits of mindfulness with children

  • Research shows that mindfulness training increases connectivity in the frontal lobe of the brain, which is linked to improved attention, memory processing and decision making
  • Mindfulness training involves tuning in to internal and external experiences with curiosity resulting in increased self-awareness, social awareness, and self-confidence.
  • Mindfulness training increases children’s ability to self-regulatetheir emotions, especially difficult emotions such as fear and anger, through breathing and other grounding techniques.
  • Mindfulness has been shown to improve empathy or the ability to understand what another person is thinking or feeling, which improves children’s awareness of others and helps them to build positive relationships.

Mindfulness and childhood mental health

  • Mindfulness training has been to shown to reduce the severity of depression, anxietyand ADHD in children.
  • Mindfulness builds resilienceby giving children skills to help them to cope better with stress, as well as engage more fully with themselves and the world.

Mindfulness for parents

The best thing parents can do to help their children become more mindful is to commit to some regular mindfulness practises themselves! The more present and mindful you are with your children, the more happy, mindful and resilient they will be. Mindfulness training can assist parents to remain in the present moment and engage more fully when interacting with their children. Research shows that parents and carers who practice being mindful around their children contribute to improving their child’s sense of self-worth and self-esteem.

  • Mindful play: Dedicate a window of time each week to mindfully play with your child or children. Turn off all other distractions such as TV, and put your mobile away and on silent. Try to give them your full attention during this time and if your mind wanders off to all the things you should be doing, that’s fine – that’s just what minds do! Use your child as an anchor to come back to every time your mind wanders away.
  • Mindful cooking: Cooking together can be a great way to spend quality time. Help your child notice the colours, smell and taste of the ingredients as you add them to the meal, and the touch of the different items as you cook.
  • Mindful dinnertime: Create a time for your family to appreciate and savour their food at the start of a meal by spending the first few minutes of dinner in silence, just eating and enjoying the food. It’s a surprisingly nice activity to do with the whole family, and done regularly, can become a lovely ritual.
  • Mindful teeth brushing: Getting kids to brush their teeth can be a challenge, so why not make it a challenge, by inviting them to try to do it mindfully with you? Invite them to pay attention to the feel of the brush in their mouth and the sensation and taste of the toothpaste. Ask them three things they noticed that was different about their brushing tonight than from the previous night.

Mindful learning environments

  • Teachers and early childhood educators can influence student wellbeing and learning by understanding, embodying and embedding principles of mindfulness into their learning environments.
  • Teachers and early childhood educators who are encouraged to develop mindful awareness in their own life will positively influence their whole community.

A mindful partnership

KidsMatter has joined forces with Smiling Mind, a free program that helps develop Mindfulness Meditation skills in children. Read more about the collaboration between KidsMatter and Smiling Mind.

Thanking You



Book Week

Thank you to all our amazing students who dressed up for book week and to Mrs Williams in the library for creating such a great display with the help of Mr Clark. The costumes were fun and creative. 

Japanese News

We were recently very privileged to have a university student from Japan, Ayame Mimura, visit our school for four days during Weeks 5 & 6. Leeming Primary School students participated in many different Japanese language and cultural activities, including calligraphy (rooms 1, 3, & 11), making onigiri riceballs (rooms 9 & 12), origami, and asking Ayame many questions about her life in Japan. Ayame had a wonderful time at our school.

Leeming Primary School extends its thanks to the family of Sara Gerard for their assistance in arranging Ayame’s visit

We received thanks from Annie Mayes (Japanese teacher from Leeming Senior High School) for Leeming Primary School’s continuing support of Leeming SHS Japanese Exchange program by hosting the visiting students at Leeming Primary earlier in the term. She also sent through a photo she took on the day.

Japanese speaking members of the Leeming community may be interested to test their language ability in the 2018  Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (JLPT), which is being held at Perth Modern School on Sunday, December 2. Registrations close September 6.  For more details go to

The Japanese room will be open on Open Night! Come have a look at our students’ classwork! See examples of Japanese calligraphy! Try out some Japanese activities and games! See you there! Mata aimasho! 

School Photo Day is Coming

Dear Parents,

Wednesday 12 September – PP- Yr 6, Kindy Group A     Thursday 13 September – Kindy Group B

Our school photo day is coming! Every student has  received a Kapture Photography order envelope to bring home. The recommended method of ordering your photos is online through Kapture’s website as your payment is secure and can be easily verified at any time. If you pay online, there is no need to return the order envelope to school.

Alternatively you can pay by cash and return the provided envelope to the school on the photography day. Please note the photographers cannot open sealed envelopes and cannot provide change.

SIBLING ORDERS CAN ONLY BE PLACED ONLINE:  Late requests cannot be granted.

 You have the option to order a sibling photo package online, however please note sibling orders will close in most instances @midday sharp at least one business day before the first photo date. We suggest you place your online sibling order as soon as you receive your order envelope with your order instructions. 

Log on to for your sibling photo order cut-off date and time.

Late payment envelopes cannot be accepted by the school office or by Kapture. You can place an order online for class or individual photographs at any time for the remainder of the current school year however a $15 fee will apply if you order more than 10 days after photography.

If your child is in a sports or special group photo, you can use the same school code on your order envelope to view and order these photos on Kapture’s website, around the time that school photos are ready to be delivered. Please note; Class group, individual and sibling portraits are not available to view online.

Kapture offer a money back guarantee for any parent who is not fully satisfied with their photo package. Should you have any queries before or after photo day, please direct them to the Kapture office on 9240 1714 or email

All students will be photographed individually on photo day for school administration records AS WELL as included in their class group photo available for purchase to all families. Should there be any reason why your child should NOT be included in the photo shoot –please contact the school office.

Story Dog – Seamus is Famous

Thanks to the local rep from Walker Books for giving Seamus a new book for his library. Here he is, showing it to his sister

Seamus is a very welcome visitor to Leeming Primary School and our students are enjoying the time they get to read to him.

From The School Nurse

Hand washing

Washing hands is the easiest way to protect ourselves from contagious diseases, like colds, influenza and gastroenteritis.  Hands should be washed before and after eating or preparing food, after going to the toilet and after nose blowing. 

When teaching your child to wash their hands;

  • Use water and soap, making sure enough soap is applied to cover hands and wrists.
  • Rub hand, fingers, thumbs and wrists then rinse with water.
  • Use a brush to clean under nails if they’re dirty
  • Dry hands with something clean (like a paper towel)

Click here to view the How_To_HandWash poster

Communicable Diseases/ Immunisation

There has been a number of confirmed cases of Measles in Perth over the last month. This is a timely reminder to ensure your child’s immunisations are up to date.

Maintaining a high level of immunisation within our community is very important to control the spread of communicable diseases and to keep everyone well, especially those who are most at risk such as; babies, pregnant mothers, the elderly and those who are unwell or immunocompromised.

Vaccine preventable diseases can have serious health consequences for school aged children and others in the community. You can help protect your child by ensuring their vaccinations are up-to-date.  Vaccinations are available from your Family or Doctor or Immunisation Clinics.

Measles Information Sheet

For further information see your Family Doctor or contact Health Direct on 1800 022 222


Students Not Returning to Leeming PS in 2019

We are currently looking at student numbers and class structures for 2019.

Please can you advise the office as soon as possible (by letter or email) if your child will not be returning to Leeming Primary School in 2019.