From the Principal

Dear Parents,

School Development Day

Tuesday June 8 was a school development day that focused upon Staff health and Wellbeing. As a part of our cluster of schools we met at Leeming SHS for a wellbeing conference. Staff selected different modules that suited their interest and it was a great opportunity for staff from different schools to meet and mingle.

Health and Wellbeing is an important area to ensure a healthy and happy workforce. This has flow on effects in a range of areas including a positive influence on the students.

School Board nominations for Parent Representative

The School Board is a committee that provides strategic input into the directions of the school. It meets twice a term to discuss matters and provide community input. It has a Terms of Reference to follow and the meeting as are well organized and succinct. These are chaired by Narada Stapel, who is happy to explain how the Board runs and the positive features of joining. Narada Stapel

Terms of tenure are staggered to ensure some continuity on the Board. If one nomination is received it will be successful. If multiple nominations are received we will assist in an election process, where the school community votes for school rep positions. Leeming PS is a diverse community and it would be great if that diversity is reflected in the Board.

Please send a short EOI and Biography (1/2 page) to myself.

Thanking You

School Review process

The school review process is now mostly completed. We are awaiting the final written report which will be placed on the webpage and presented to the School Board.

The self-review process was very positive and it was a useful process of self-reflection. There are many positive things going on in the school and it was nice to have a chance to explain them to two external educators.

I was particularly pleased and proud of everyone who participated in the process who was able to explain what we are doing and why we are doing it. There are some very skilled educators at Leeming PS and it is a privilege to work alongside them.

Clive Emby









Positive Behaviours 

Week 9:    I initiate and respond to greetings

Week 10:  I am responsible for my actions even when I make mistakes 

Kindergarten Enrolments 2022

Kindergarten enrolments are now open until 23rd July 2021, please click here for the Application form.  

Pre-Primary Enrolments 2022

All Kindy families wishing to continue Pre-Primary education at Leeming PS will need to re-apply for a position in Pre-Primary in 2022.  You are strongly encouraged to submit  Part A Application as soon as possible.  Places for “Out of Area” enrolment are limited and not guaranteed for current Kindy students. 

Colour Run    

Friday was the perfect day for this year’s Colour Run.  Thank you to everyone who assisted, the students, staff and parents all had a fantastic time. 







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