From the Principal

Dear Parents,

Wow, we are half way through a long term.

The students survived NAPLAN and are back to normal processes. We make a conscious effort to ensure that the students are prepared, but not over prepared. We don’t want the students getting too stressed about the process. It collects information about how the school is going in comparison to other schools.

We have some interesting excursions fun events coming up to keep school interesting for everyone.

School Board nominations for Parent Representative

The School Board is a committee that provides strategic input into the directions of the school. It meets twice a term to discuss matters and provide community input. It has a Terms of Reference to follow and the meetings are well organized and succinct. These are chaired by Narada Stapel, who is our new Chair following Peita Alberti moving on.

Terms of tenure are staggered to ensure some continuity on the Board. If one nomination is received it will be successful. If multiple nominations are received we will assist in an election process, where the school community votes for school rep positions. Leeming PS is a diverse community and it would be great if that diversity is reflected in the Board.

Please send a short EOI and Biography (1/2 page) to myself.

Thanking You

School Review process

This week the school is in the middle of the Public School Review process. We have submitted our document reflecting upon our processes. On Tuesday two representatives from the Department will spend a day in the school talking to the community and validating our reflections. This will include an afternoon session with School Board and P&C members. At the completion of the processes a report will be written that will be available to the public. The feedback will also be used to assist with planning going forward.

Clive Emby










Positive Behaviours

Week 7:    I follow the instructions of staff.

Week 8:    I proudly wear my uniform.

Community News