From the Principal

Welcome to the last week of term, thank you for your support and help working with your children. I hope that you have a fantastic holiday and recharge the batteries for next term.


The lessons have been a great success. It is a big effort to coordinate every year and Ms Thomson does a fantastic job.

Class Preferences for 2021

The opportunity to provide a preference for a class/teacher in 2021 will be presented in a newsletter early next term. It is part of our processes of being open and transparent and involving the school community where we can.

However, can I please ask that you only enter a request if you have a strong reason to do so. The more requests that we receive will mean an increasing number of people who are disappointed.

The placement of students is done by the teachers and administration with lots of thought and consideration and I would ask you to trust us in this process.

School Board 

Once again the School Board will be running Board Awards to recognise the outstanding efforts of staff and community members that make our school community so wonderful.

If you saw some amazing work at Open Night or appreciate the efforts of volunteers or staff members contributing to the school, let us know about it.

Please complete the LPS Board Awards Document and Nomination Form to nominate someone for recognition of their work.

School Board Members will be around on Sports Day to answer any questions, and assist with the nomination process if needed.

Nominations for the Board Awards close Friday, 23 October 2020.

Looking forward to receiving the nominations. 

Peita Alberti (Board Chair)

School Security

We are very lucky to have a small amount of vandalism compared to other schools. However, the small amount that we do get can be annoying. If you could please assist us by ringing school security if you see people on site acting inappropriately  9264 4771


During the next school holiday (26 September to 11 October) the school is having maintenance work undertaken as part of the State Government’s stimulus package.

A part of this will be a fairly large job of resurfacing the front carpark on Meharry Road and the service driveway off Westminster Road. It is a rare opportunity to upgrade our facilities and the carpark has reached the end of its life.

It does have the potential to be a noisy and smelly job.  I would like to give you as much warning as possible and apologize up front for any inconvenience that this causes. Work might start at the earliest available time being 7:00. There should be no impact upon road access.

Clive Emby









Positive Behaviours

Week 1:    I proudly wear my uniform.

Week 2:    I initiate and respond to greetings.

Community News