Carnival Capers Fete – A Huge Success

What a wonderful day we had! Lots of very happy people. So many to thank: This was an enormous undertaking with a great many people involved. We had Some wonderful sponsorship from Mulberry Tree, Titan Ford, Spud Shed, Bakers Delight, Stocklands Bull Creek, ProWest. KMart (Kardinya) and Coles (Success) and many many donations for so many businesses and parents for the raffle as well as for their own classroom stalls.

The full list of donations to the Fete will be listed on the Facebook page. Link:

I personally have to thank ALL the heads of the class stalls: Kelly Williams & Teegan Smith, Andrea Gray & Jenny Argent, Allana Birkbeck, Michelle Redman, Deanne Ladle & Colleen Russell, Lee de Josselin, Charlotte Bramanis, Ceri Pass and Amanda Wilson and their staff, ALL last minute selfless helpers who saw the need and filled it. I also have to thank Angels Gilabert, Tara Adams, Laura Kelly, Colleen Russell (again), Jenny de Souza and especially Tennille Brett for going above and beyond in terms of organising help, sponsorship, rallying parents and being a shoulder to lean on.

I can’t forget the students either as we all just LOVED your fence art work and your enthusiasm to dunk people. You all made the day very fun filled and all the people who spread the word, shared a page, came out in the sun and got a bit burnt but had fun.

It was a BRILLIANT day. I hope you all enjoyed yourselves, All I saw all day was smiling faces and wet children!!

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. ???

Merri Ford

Fund raising Co-ordinator for LPS P&C


A Special Thank-you From ECC1

Thank you to everyone who donated such delicious baked goods to the cake stall. We really couldn’t have done it without you!

Special thanks also to all those who helped man the stall on the day. We very much appreciate it.

From all the parents of Mrs Kidd’s PP/1 class.