2018 School and P&C Contributions and Charges

Please note that we are currently taking payments for 2018 School and P&C Contributions and Charges

Statements were recently mailed out to families and these showed all current billing items and included any  credit from the previous year or payments made in advance at the end of 2017.

Parents are welcome to pay the remaining “Additional charges” upfront if they wish.  If you need any assistance with calculating the correct amount please contact the office by phone or email. If you have paid the upfront levy you are still required to sign and return any permission notes where applicable to authorise allocation of student credit to a particular activity.

Alternatively parents are able to pay the additional costs as they arise.

Permission notes for activities can be found on the Leeming PS website and you are encouraged to check the website regularly to ensure that notes/payments are returned by the due date. If you are making payments by cash please ensure the money is the CORRECT amount as change cannot always be given immediately.